RePaSS participant pool Application Form
Please complete this two-page application to request participants from the CAS100 RePaSS participant pool.
Researcher Name(s) and PSU Username(s) [abc123] *
Identify the PI and list all researchers on the project.
RePaSS Point of Contact *
Identify the researcher who will use RePaSS to grant credit, and will be the point of contact for the RePaSS system administrator.
Study Title *
IRB Approval Number *
If you do not yet have IRB Approval, please write “Submitted” or the date you will submit your protocol. Please be aware that approval must be obtained in a timely manner.
For what year and semester are you applying?
Will you conduct statistical analysis of your data? *
Is your study administered entirely online? *
If participants must come to a physical location for your study, mark "NO"
Are you conducting a Doctoral Dissertation or Master’s Thesis? *
If "Yes," please have your advisor email the following to "I attest that this student's project is his/her Doctoral Dissertation or Master's thesis and that this project cannot be adequately completed without the use of the CAS100A subject pool."
Do you wish to apply to use the Sparks Communication Research Lab? *
Please indicate the primary investigator’s status. *
How many participants would you like assigned to your study? *
If you are conducting a statistical analysis, please provide a power analysis justifying your requested N
Please write any screening questions, as they appear in your IRB protocol. Also indicate if your overall N is partitioned by these screening questions. *
If none, write "NONE"
Is there some feature of your research that benefits from use of a student sample? Or would a non-student sample be equally or more desirable? Please explain.
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