Initial Cadre - Air Combat Command Application
First off, thank you for your interest as Initial Cadre for this DCS Milsim Group. I recommend that before you fill out this application please ask all the questions you can in the Holding Pen discord so that you know exactly what you're getting yourself into. I have answered some frequently asked questions below:

Q: How active do I have to be?
A: All members are required to maintain an active status. Active Status is defined as the availability to fly once a week.

Q: Do I have to call those ranked above me sir/ma'am?
A: No, however if you do not, you are required to call them by their rank and name. The one exception is within Squadrons, callsigns are acceptable since members spend a lot of time with each other.

Q: How much of a commitment is required?
A: It's asked to give as much as you can enjoy. This is a milsim aviation group and members will only get as much as they put in.

Q: What positions are available as Initial Cadre?
A: The Initial Cadre positions available are USAF Wing Commander, USN CAG, F-16 Squadron Commander, A-10 Squadron Commander, F-18 Squadron Commander, and F-14 Squadron Commander, Military Personnel Flight (MPF) OIC, Operational Support Squadron (OSS) OIC, Stan/Eval Chief Pilot.

Q: What does the MPF OIC do?
A: Responsible for managing a staff which accomplishes the following: recruiting, updating and maintaining personnel records/promotions/awards.

Q: What does the OSS OIC do?
A: Responsible for managing a staff which accomplishes the following: Creating and updating liveries, managing servers, loading missions onto servers, managing website admin and operation, and managing discord communications.

Q: What does the Chief Pilot do?
A: Responsible for managing instructor pilots, responsible for developing SOP, qualifying new pilots and instructor pilots, and requalifying pilots and instructor pilots.

Please fill out the below application/questionnaire. Within 48 hours an email will be sent to the email address you applied with.

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