Scholarship Application
Carol Stream Woman's Club
Scholarship Application - Section 1
HS Graduation Date:
Grade Point Average:
Is Your Grade Point Average Weighted?
ACT Score:
SAT Score:
Scholarship Application - Section 2
Extracurricular Activities (List activities and number of years involved. Include an explanation (if needed) of each of your responsibilities.)
Community Service (List activities and length of involvement, and include number of hours volunteered for each, if possible.)
Employment History (For each job held, list, employer, position, dates employed and number of hours worked per week.)
Top 3 College Choices (indicate if accepted)
Scholarship Application - Section 3
Of the community services you have participated in over the last four years, tell us why they were important to you.
If you have any, tell us about any special situation(s) that affect your capacity to obtain a college education. This can include, but is not limited to, financial constraints and family circumstances.
Explain your future educational and career goals, especially as they relate to your present accomplishments. Why do you feel you should be awarded this scholarship over your fellow students?
Scholarship Application - Supporting Files
2 Letters of Recommendation from teachers, counselors, employers, etc...
Latest School Transcript
Scholarship Application - Important Information
This Scholarship Program is open to female residents of Carol Stream ONLY. The Student should be a 2019 graduate and entering college in the fall of 2019. The scholarship is intended to honor the students who demonstrate strong academic achievements while balancing extracurricular activities, community involvement and strong leadership.

ALL application materials must be received by Friday March 15, 2019.

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