Volunteer with Sh'Bang 2017
____________________IMPORTANT INFO - please read before filling out the form ____________________

Be the life-blood of the Sh’Bang! Volunteers at Sh’Bang form a tight-knit wonder-gang with DIY super-powers. Nothing is impossible with this dream-team of doers.

ELIGIBILITY: We can only accept "Festival Volunteers" with full weekend availability, unless you are on the medic team. If you don't have full wkd availability, consider applying for Sh'BUILD & Sh'TRIKE ;)
-f you are interested in Sh'BUILD or Sh'STRIKE (set up or clean up), please fill out the questions at the end of the form. We will send you an invitation to Sh'BUILD if you seem like a good fit. These are specialty crews, especially SH'BUILD and we can only take a limited team.
....If you would like to be a mermaid, face painter, balloon artist, monster, piggy back provider, or other ThingAmaJig, please apply on the PERFORMER APPLICATION

SHIFTS: "Festival Volunteers" work an average of 3, 3 hr shifts (9 hours altogether) during the festival.
"Sh'Builders" and "Sh'trikers" are specialty crews and are managed by Teams lead by Buckstops.

MEALS: "Festival Volunteers" receive 1 meal ticket after each shift. Therefore, volunteers need to also plan to cook food on their own camp equipment, or to buy food at the festival.

TICKETS: All volunteers need to buy a ticket BEFORE you fill out this form (unless we send you a passcode - check your email!)
Sh'Bang FESTIVAL volunteers: reimbursement after all volunteer duties are fulfilled and confirmed by your Buckstop.
Sh'BUILD & Sh'STRIKE volunteers: reimbursement after 3 full days, at your Buckstop's discretion.

PARKING: All volunteers need to buy a parking pass if you are planning on driving to Sh'Bang and keeping your vehicle on the property. If you do an extra shift, you may qualify for a Parking Pass reimbursement.

ARRIVAL: ALL VOLUNTEERS need to arrive at 9am FRIDAY the 8th for Orientation Meeting and free breakfast.
You are encouraged to come Thursday evening by sunset to camp to be ready for the Friday meeting.

CONFIRMATION: You are not a confirmed volunteer until you get an invitation to volunteer with your schedule, and you confirm it. Filling out the app does not ensure you are volunteering.
-----If you don't do this, you may lose your chance of reimbursement.-----

MORE INFO: Please read the Sh'urvival Guide on the website for success at Sh'Bang and camping info!

NO DOGS: Though you may wear a dog costume, we have a NO DOGS, NO PETS policy. Not even tutu-wearing, dancing, singing pets.

THANKS for your interest, excitement in Sh'BANG! We couldn't do it without you!!

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Contact Email
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Phone Number
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Where will you be traveling from right before Sh'Bang?
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Which dates are you available?
Do you plan to arrive Thursday evening before sunset to camp?
Also, if you have any issue with making the Friday 9am meeting, let us know here and now.
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Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl?
We have shifts as early as 6am and as late as 3am. Speak up now!
Would you like an EXTRA Festival shift to qualify for a Parking Pass reimbursement?
How do you know about Sh'bang and the Quarry?
Have you been to or volunteered at Sh'Bang or any of our events before? Do you know people involved in the Lookout Arts Quarry?
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Do not submit this form unless one of the below is true.
Full Name & Email under which your ordered your ticket (OR enter passcode here)
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Check all of the categories that strike your fancy.
(this may or may not have an impact on your assignment!)
Do you have any special skills?
We are always looking for people with first aid, lifeguard and medical experience, healing arts, stage lighting and sound designers. Please let us know if you have experience in any of these areas.
Your answer
Are you currently CPR certified?
Are you interested in doing Sh'STRIKE?
Post festival, tear down and winter proofing. Work all day, eat all day. Go swimming at some point. Relax and play at night.
Do you want to do Sh'BUILD? Which dates?
Our week long set-up team that makes Sh’Bang a reality. Aug 29th - Sept 7. We prioritize people with skills and initiative, and / or people who have done this before... it makes our lives soooo much easier.
Sh'BUILD Question: Do you want to be a Buckstop?
Either during Sh'Build or Sh'Bang? This requires a time commitment but also offers more creativity & flexibility If you don't know what this means, it may not be the position for you.
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Sh'BUILD Question: Are you a builder of any kind?
If so, what skills do you have in that area?
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Sh'BUILD Question: Are you a cook?
Are you the kind of cook who can lead a kitchen of cooks to prepare a meal for up to 40 people? Or the kind that needs direction in that kitchen?
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Sh'BUILD Question: Do you have experience with landscaping?
(Weed whacking, stone staircase making, etc)
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Sh'BUILD Question: Are you a fixer?
Handy person? Do you like DIY plumbing, electricity, welding, etc.
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Sh'BUILD Question: Are you a festival organizing guru?
Are you available in JUNE, JULY or AUGUST? Do you want to help us organize the dream? Are you a leader? Coordinator? Good with people and details? Good with computers? Excel spreadsheets? Mail chimp? Web design? Print design? Do you have your own computer to bring and make organizational magic?
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