Sh'Bang! Standby Volunteer Information

We are still accepting standbys. If you're interested, come to the Headquarters Tent (near the kitchen) after buying a ticket and checking in at the Box Office. Please read the information below, too!

Being a Standby Volunteer means a few things:

1) You must buy a ticket to enter the festival.
2) You are not guaranteed the requisite 3 shifts for ticket reimbursement over the course of the weekend.
3)You may be scheduled at the very beginning of the weekend for a full 3 shifts. Hurray! If not,...
4) You will be given the opportunity to save Sh'Bang's booty when another volunteer has fallen short. You'll be on a call list and will be contacted the moment a shift is available. If you accrue 3 of those shifts over the weekend, you'll get your ticket price back! If you do fewer than that, you'll get a pro-rated (read, partial) refund based on the number of shifts you completed!

The General Volunteer Rules still apply to Standby Volunteers. Read below

MEALS: "Festival Volunteers" receive 1 meal ticket after each shift. Therefore, volunteers need to also plan to cook food on their own camp equipment, or to buy food at the festival.

TICKETS: All volunteers need to buy a ticket.

PARKING: All volunteers need to buy a parking pass if you are planning on driving to Sh'Bang and keeping your vehicle on the property. If you do an extra shift, you may qualify for a Parking Pass reimbursement.

CONFIRMATION: You are not a confirmed volunteer until you get an invitation to volunteer with your schedule, and you confirm it. Filling out the app does not ensure you are volunteering.

MORE INFO: Please read the Survival Guide on the website for success at Sh'Bang and camping info!

NO DOGS: Though you may wear a dog costume, we have a NO DOGS, NO PETS policy. Not even tutu-wearing, dancing, singing pets.

THANKS for your interest, excitement in Sh'BANG! We couldn't do it without you!!

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