15th HomeschoolFree.org Application for Donation
Please complete the following form which will provide us a simple statement of need for selecting a recipient. All information will be kept confidential within the leadership team of the organization, and will NOT be shared with anyone, except the donor, for the purposes of sending you the donation, if you are selected. All other information will be deleted upon the closing of this donation.


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This must be your name as it appears within our Facebook group. If you use a different name in real life, please write both here (If you do not use Facebook, please forego this application, and instead please email thefrugalhomeschoolingmom@gmail.com with the answers to these questions to apply.)
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We will most likely contact you through Facebook, and will search for you first within our Facebook group. This is just in case we can't reach you there for some reason.
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In other words, do you receive the email updates from the blog? (Emails primarily contain news about the organization, and also notices of donations such as this one.)
Do you agree to "Pay it Forward" in the future if you are chosen as the recipient of this donation? *
Please describe your circumstances which have placed you in financial need. *
Please keep your response to less than 350 characters.
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Please answer the following questions.
Use exact brand names/titles or specific descriptions of what you need, please. Your response must match the specific donations to be considered. Please don't say "Math," for instance, but instead write what publisher of the Math curriculum that you wish to try out.
What is your #1 need right now, for curriculum? *
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Is there anything else you may need right now, for curriculum, or to supplement your curriculum or to make it more fun (non-book items)? *
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This will only be shared with the donor, in the event you are chosen to receive the donation. No one except for the founder of the organization and the donor will ever see your address, and all information entered into this form will be promptly deleted at the closing of this donation.
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