2020-2021 School of Choice 105/105c Application - 2nd Semester
1. Westwood Heights Schools will accept applications for unlimited enrollment for non-resident students in grades all grades Kindergarten - 12th.

2. Non-resident student who would like to enroll in Westwood Heights Schools must complet this application AND submit (or authorize the release of) the following documents:

(a) Attendance and Behavior History for the student previous school(s) for the last (2) two school years are required. Kindergarten student do not need to submit and First Grade will need one (1) year of documentation.
(b) High School Transcript, (if applicable)
(c) IEP for Special Education Services, (if applicable)
(d) 504 Plan, (if applicable)

Note: This application will not be processed without the above information.

3. Your acceptance is conditional until Westwood Heights receives and reviews all school reports. Westwood Heights will make every effort to process your application as quickly as possible, but acceptance is dependent upon the availability of administrators from all school districts from the last two years being contacted.

4. Westwood Heights Schools' registration process for the accepted students must be completed by January 29, 2021 . If students are not registered by that date, Westwood Heights Schools will assume that your application for Schools of Choice has been withdrawn.

5. (A) If your child is currently eligible for special education programs and services and reside outside of Genesee County, please be aware that Westwood Heights Schools is required to secure a "Cooperative Agreement" regarding reimbursement for special education costs from your resident district before we can register your child in our school district.

(B) If you reside outside of Genesee County and your child is found to be eligible for special education programs and services after admission to Westwood Heights School please be advised that the district is required to obtain a "Cooperative Agreement" regarding reimbursement for special education costs from your resident district in order to remain in our school district. (MCL 388.1705c)(19)

6. Once registered, students may remain in Westwood Heights Schools until graduation if the student complies with all guidelines for Schools of Choice and Westwood Heights Schools' "Code of Conduct". The only exception is cited in 5(B) above.

ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to arrive and depart school on time. Students who are excessively absent, tardy or picked up early may be asked to return to their home district. It is expected that parents will pick up students on time when they are attending an after-school or evening event.

CODE OF CONDUCT: All student "Code of Conduct" rules, procedures and policies will apply to all students who enter Westwood Heights Schools as a school of choice approved student.

TRANSPORTATION: Parent/guardians of school of choice students are ultimately responsible for providing transportation to and from school. Limited Bus Transportation may be available.

APPLICATION PERIOD: January 11, 2021 - January 22, 2021 AT 4:00 P.M.
FOR INFORMATION: EMAIL bennis@hamadyhawks.net

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