Request Access to Minnesota County Parcel Data
Please fill out this form to request access to Minnesota County Parcel Data. We have an agreement with MnGeo that these data will only be used by the University of Minnesota system community for research, teaching, administration, and outreach. Your request is an acknowledgement that you will use these data appropriately.

The parcel data are refreshed approximately quarterly. If currency is critical, we recommend that you contact the county directly for these data.

Data are distributed as a zipped shapefile by county (1 - 134mb), or one shapefile for the entire state (370mb).
You may request to obtain multiple files at once.
Data obtained from this source must not be redistributed. *
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Please select the counties for which you wish to access parcel data. Counties with an * are also available through the Minnesota GeoCommons site and you may find more current data there. *
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