Goals & Actions Worksheet
Without a plan, we simply plan to fail. The surest way to an unfulfilled life is to not have a plan or not have some kind of goals. Let's start to organize our life, get clarity on what's important, start making simple goals and take action steps toward a desired future.
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De-clutter Your Life; Create space for our dreams. Are our lives cluttered? What are you putting off doing and tolerating? What has you bogged down? If we will de-clutter our lives, we have more space mentally and creatively to pursue our dreams. What is draining your energy?
Physically: What steps do you need to take to improve your health?
Emotionally and Mentally: What Lies are you Believing? What is the truth you need to believe? What will you do to begin changing your mindset?
Organization: What are some areas that need De-Cluttering? Office Desk...Closets...Bills...Laundry Room...Kitchen pantry...Kitchen Cabinets...Clothes...Children's rooms
Financially: Debt, Spending, etc. How am I being responsible with my spending? Family Spending? How can I improve?
Relationally: How can I find positive people and letting go of toxic relationships. How am I a positive person of others?
Personal Goals I would like to work on now
What is stopping me from this personal goal?
One step I can take to right now to achieve it?
Who can I count on to hold me accountable and keep me moving forward? (spouse, friend, coach)
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