NYC GREAT! Program Application
NYC GREAT! is a Young Women’s Leadership & Communication skills development program founded In April 2015 by The Office of Equity & Access within the NYC Department of Education. GREAT, an acronym for Girls Reaching Every Apex Together sets the tone for our CLIMB curriculum, allowing us to CLIMB to the APEX together. NYC GREAT! serves as a vehicle for young women to find their voice, articulate their purpose, and become architects of their own future as it pertains to successfully graduating high school and entering college. The goal of each interaction with our program is to have girls consider, “Why settle for average when you can be GREAT?”

NYC GREAT! is established on the following 5 pillars of CLIMB:

College Readiness
SAT Pre, college tours and college readiness experiences are designed to increase the number of young women attending selective and highly selective colleges.

Great Girls engage in work that supports their interest and passions as they look for ways to make contributions to community.

Introspection of Self
Great Girls create presentations and artifacts that speak to their understanding of themselves as socio-historical beings who are here to make a difference.

Mastery Learning
Great Girls demonstrate mastery of skills and learning tools that allow them to have agency over their lives and the world they live in.

Building Sisterhood
The bond between participants starts early and Great Girls support each other during the program. Future Great Girls have the opportunity to mentor and become program facilitators. The CLIMB pillars provide a foundation for goal-setting and academic and personal achievement.

NYC GREAT! participants are engaged during the school year on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm at John Jay College. The application is open to current young women in grade 10 across all five boroughs in NYCDOE public schools.

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Extended APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, May 24, 2019

*Email for questions regarding our program and application.

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