2021-2022 Godwin Marching Eagles Leadership Application Form
Completed applications are due Friday May, 28th.
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What is your name? *
Please list: • CURRENT grade • Instrument/equipment you plan to march • Position(s) applying for • Anything else you want me to know that isn't covered in the free responses. *
Please note that we will choose drum majors first and then choose section leaders with the remaining applicants.
What have you done for the Godwin Marching Eagles and band program overall? Please give as many specific details as possible. Do NOT list your resume. I KNOW what ensemble you were in or if you had a title. I want to know WHAT you ACTUALLY did. You can type a list OR write in paragraph form. *
With or without an official title or position, describe how you plan to maximize morale and a sense of Band Family for the upcoming season. What ideas do you have for the program? You can type a list OR write in paragraph form. *
What will you do if you don't get the position you're applying for? Why? *
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