The NRA Foundation Biathlon Scholarship Rifle 2022-23            
So we may determine your level of commitment to train, compete, and progress in the sport of biathlon, please complete the application below. When finished, hit the "submit" button and the form will be submitted with a confirmation e-mail back when the form is received.  Completed application for a rifle must be submitted by 15 MAY 2022.
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1. Name, Last *
2.  Name, First *
3.  Date of Birth *
photo by J. Leopold
5.  Phone Number or parents phone number.
7.  Street Address *
physical address
8.  City *
9.  State *
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11.  Parent's Name (Last, First)
If the applicant is under 18 years old
12.  Parent's Phone Number *
13.  Parent e-mail address   *
14.  Name of local Nordic ski, and/or biathlon club you are a member of. *
15.  Name of local rifle range.
Name and/or location of rifle range where you can practice shooting.
photo by J. Pasek
17.  Do you have access to club biathlon rifles?
Does your local biathlon club have rifles for member usage?
18.  I have taken a biathlon rifle safety course. *
19.  List the safety class organization, date and class location.   *
club, month/year, town
20.  Are you a left handed or right handed shooter?
That is do you squeeze the trigger with your right or left hand?  Do you place the butt stock into your right or left shoulder?
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21.  Have you been the recipient of a scholarship rifle in the past? *
Check how many years you have received a scholarship rifle?
22. Primary Coach's Name
What adult coach do you rely on most for biathlon and/or x-c ski guidance?
photo by J. Pasek
24.  Coach's recommendation sent
Please have your coach send to the ABA Scholarship committee their assessment on your performance, need, motivation, and commitment to the sport of biathlon.  Email at, "Attention:  ABA Rifle Scholarship Committee-applicant's last name." For example:  "Attention: ABA Rifle Scholarship - Smith"
25.  Training/activity log sent
Scan copy of log(s) or share link to ABA email address at, "Attention: ABA Scholarship Committee--applicant's last name"
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27.  What are your long term career and athletic goals?
28.  What biathlon and cross-country ski training have you undertaken in the past 12 months?
This could be development camps, routine training, club participation, etc.  
29.  Please list your biathlon and cross-country ski race experience
Include races place, race series, location, points earned, etc.
30.  Please describe other athletic activities you participate in.
Include school athletics, citizen races, intramurals, clubs sports, race place, scores, race series, etc.
31.  Tell us why you think you should be chosen to receive a scholarship rifle.
32.  As a rifle recipient, I understand I will be expected to participate frequently in biathlon activities, including range openings, winter and summer races, time trials, and clinics. *
photo by J. Leopold
33.  As a rifle recipient, If I find I’m unable to use the rifle frequently for training and other activities, I will return it to ABA. *
34.  As a rifle recipient, I understand that my parents and I will need to receive a care and cleaning class prior to receiving the rifle. *
35.  As a rifle recipient, my parent and I will be responsible for any loss of or damage to the rifle and items supplied with it. *
Scholarship rifle recipient will replace and/or repair any damaged or lost items.  A $100 maintenance fee per year will be collected prior to rifle issued to scholarship recipient.  Check will be made out to ABA, Inc, (note, Scholarship Rifle).  
36.  As a rifle recipient, I agree to return the rifle in a clean and serviceable condition. *
Scholarship rifle recipient will clean, replace and/or repair any damaged or lost items.  A $100 maintenance fee per year will be collected prior to rifle issued to scholarship recipient.  Check will be made out to ABA, Inc, (note, Scholarship Rifle).  
37.  As a rifle recipient, I agree that the rifle must be returned to the Biathlon Committee by May 2023. *
38.  As a Scholarship Rifle recipient, I agree to provide photos of myself training and competing with the rifle. *
You will permit ABA, Inc. to use these photos on our website, social media, newsletters, posters, etc for the purposes of promoting biathlon in Alaska.
Identification of risk. I, the above named competitor and above named parents (if applicable) know that biathlon consisting of Nordic skiing and rifle marksmanship, involves risks of serious injury, including permanent disability and death.  I/We understand that these injuries might result not only from my actions, but the actions or negligence of others.  Assumption of Risk.  I/we agree that I/we am/are responsible for my safety while participating in biathlon training and completion.  I /we assume all risks, both known and unknown, connected with my participation. Waiver.  Being aware of the risks and willing to assume them, I/we waive, release and hold harmless Alaska Biathlon Association, Inc., The NRA Foundation, volunteers, directors, officers, coaches, sponsors, biathlon clubs, advertisers, competitors, athletes, audience, and owners/leasers of used premises from all claims for liability, injury, loss, or damage connected with my participation in biathlon training and competition.  I/we intend for this waiver and release to also apply to my relatives, personal representatives, heirs, beneficiaries, next of kin and assigns. I and my parents (if a minor) have read this agreement carefully, understand that I give up substantial rights by signing it and sign it voluntarily.  
40.  Liability agreement initials *
Enter your name initials, both biathlete and parents (if a minor) in the box below to indicate agreement with the above waiver and release of liability.  
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