Doula Mentoring Registration Form
This registration form is for Every Birth Matters Mentoring for doulas.
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COST: £50 Registration Fee Please note: this is none refundable after 14 days and this is payable with submission of this form. Fee payable with Peer Group Mentoring ONLY is £60 *
Additional Payments: £40 per birth debrief (4 required), £40 per postnatal debrief (4 required, minimum 15 hours per job), £30 Sign off with certificate of mentoring complete - providing birth and Postnatal complete together. Total mentoring: £400. (these additional payments are paid after the job is complete and before your debrief). *
Cancellation of bookings; If for any reason the mentoring program is cancelled a full refund will be given. *
BIRTH MENTORING 1. 4 BIRTHS - WITH VARIETY OF home birth, hospital, MLU (where possible). 2. You can only accept one friend/relative that count towards recognition *
POSTNATAL MENTORING 1. 4 POSTNATAL (MIN 15 HOURS EACH) - (a minimum of two babies under six weeks, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, caesarean birth recovery Where possible) 2. You can only accept on friend/relative that count towards recognition *
Registration payment of £50 payment must be made along with this form, bookings will not be accepted if payment is not made. The next section will advise you how to make payment. £60 payable with peer mentoring ONLY. *
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