ECHO Fitness Challenge
How it works:
Points are allocated based on the fitness or hockey skill activities you do. You just need to log the activity within the week you did it, and we will do the rest. Weekly challenges will be released on Sunday evenings.

The Challenge is open to anyone and everyone - not just ECHO players.

Points system:
Run/Walk/Cycle (no weekly limit):
Run - 12 pts per kilometre (bonus 10 points if 1-minute fast/hard, 1-minute stride/jog...repeat)
Walk - 5 pts per kilometre
Cycle - 1 pt per kilometre

Squats - 1 pt per 10 (max 10 points)
Push-ups - 1 pt per 10 (max 10 points)
Sit-ups - 1 pt per 10 (max 10 points)
Planks - 1 pt per 30 sec (max 12 points)
Bur-pees - 1 pts per 10 (max 10 points)
Chin-ups - 1 pt per 3 (max 15 points)

Hockey skills:
1 Minute Dragging Challenge - 1 pt per 10 drags (max one entry per day)

Twice Weekly Challenges:
Varied challenges - will range from 30 to 100 points depending on the difficulty.

Personal Workout Session:
This is for a structured workout that you may be doing as part of a fitness club, youtube or workout set by a professional. You can not double count between strength and structured workout. Max 30 points a day.

Weekly limits - there is a combined weekly limit of 210 points between Strength and Personal Workout.

Each week Bronze (200 points in the week), Silver (275 points) and Gold (400 points) status will be awarded.
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If you are just joining the Challenge, and was referred by someone to do it, please put there name here and both you and them will get an extra 50 points.
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