openSUSE User Survey for Input Method

Hi, I made this survey because I'm a M17N maintainer, and I'm planning proposal for replacing our default input methods in DVD, which are scim/ibus, to other alternatives.

I have this idea because I'm one of CJK users ( in my mind, only CJK users need Input Method because western characters can be input using default or alternative keyboard settings with/without function keys), and the first thing after I freshly installed openSUSE is to uninstall them and install my favorite/popular input methods which are not distributed with ISOs but available in repositories like M17N. And I think this case is common.

so I wonder, why not replacing them by default to make our users easy and make us modern and fashionable? so I asked coolo, he said all I need is just to propose in factory mailing list and cc to related parts (IM maintainers and users interested in). but I think I have to be more precise about this issue. Because to many, we can survive without KDE or GNOME (but can't live without them both!), but we can't survive without input methods, it's just like to eat nuts without hammers.

It's critical. so I made this online survey to see if everyone is like me.

And here are the proposal (temporary):

replace scim/ibus or anyone of them (one or two) with fcitx, gcin, hime, mozc ( to four).

(in Linux)
fcitx: the most and only popular unix input method in Mainland, China. supports Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese.

gcin/hime: the most popular unix input method in Taiwan, China. supports TC, partly SC.

mozc: the most popular input method in Japan. only supports Japanese.

I'll modify the candidates according to proceeding result of this survey. (eg, if someone needs XXX for Spanish which is yet supported by scim/ibus, I'll find his favorite and list it here for vote)

and don't worry about the file sizes, because we're now 4.7 GB, more than a traditional DVD/ USB stick.

below are translated versions, feel free to translate into your own languages and if you send it to me, I'll attach it below.

[Chinese Version] (I'm using Traditional Chinese here, because everyone from mainland can understand TC characters, but not every person from Taiwan understand SC.)
openSUSE 輸入法用戶調研

大家好!我之所以製作此投票,源於我是編譯服務 M17N 源(即本地化)的中文維護者,我想要替換 openSUSE DVD 中的默認輸入法,也就是 scim/ibus 爲其他流行輸入法。

我之所以產生這個想法是因爲我是一個亞裔使用者(我認爲,只有亞裔使用者才需要輸入法,因爲西文字母可以通過默認/額外的帶/不帶廢鍵/功能鍵的鍵盤佈局來輸入),我在全新安裝 openSUSE 之後的第一件事就是卸載默認輸入法,替換爲我喜歡的/流行的輸入法,這些輸入法沒有隨 ISO 分發,但可從像 M17N 這樣的供應源中擷取。我認爲這種情況是普遍的。

所以我想到,爲什麼不能默認就替換它們,以方便我們的用戶,和讓 openSUSE 顯得更時代化、流行化?所以我詢問了 coolo,他說我所需要做的就是去工廠版的郵件列表裏提議,通知相關各方(輸入法維護者和感興趣的用戶)。但我覺得面對這個問題我應該更精確一些。因爲對於大多數人來說,我們可以沒有 KDE 或 GNOME 桌面環境(當然不能兩樣都沒有),但我們不能沒有輸入法,就好比沒有鐵錘,怎麼吃核桃?



替換 scim/ibus 或其中一個爲 fcitx,gcin,hime,mozc (一換四或二換四)。

fcitx: 大陸最流行也是唯一流行的 unix 輸入法,支援簡繁中文,日韓文,越南語。

gcin/hime: 臺灣最流行的輸入法,支援繁體中文,部分支援簡體中文。


另外別擔心空間問題,openSUSE 的 DVD 現在已經是 4.7 GB 了,比傳統的 DVD/隨身碟都要大了。


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