Community Support Letter
As elected and community leaders in the greater Boston area, we urge Boston College to respect the democratic choice of its graduate research and teaching assistants (RAs and TAs).

A majority of research and teaching assistants voted yes for their union, Boston College Graduate Employee’s Union – UAW, in a fair and democratic process certified by the National Labor Relations Board. They join thousands of RAs and TAs who have voted for unionization since 2013, when NYU agreed to respect a democratic vote on unionization by its graduate employees. A total of six private university administrations have now agreed to bargain with democratically-chosen unions of RAs and TAs.

We ask Boston College to withdraw its appeal to the NLRB and begin bargaining with its graduate workers. This appeal has the potential to dismantle graduate workers’ right to unionize across the nation, and is in direct opposition to Catholic social teaching, which dictates that workers should have the right to organize, join unions, and collectively bargain with their employers.

We urge Boston College administrators to honor Catholic social justice traditions, drop your appeal at the NLRB and commence good-faith negotiations for a fair contract.
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