BendFilm BIPOC Women Filmmaker Grant Application 2020
BendFilm’s Underrepresented Voices Grants will support a womxn BIPOC artist with $7,500 toward making their short or feature film. The grant supports storytellers who are working to tell creative and complex stories told from a point of view that is unique and authentic.

-Application due: Wednesday September 23
-BendFilm to notify finalists by October 1
-Live pitch to a panel of judges during the 17th Annual BendFilm Festival October 8 - 18. (exact pitch date TBD)
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If available, please provide link(s) to any video content, trailers, teasers, etc that may help panelists envision your project. [if multiple links, separate by commas].
If selected as one of 10 finalists, will a project lead associated with the project participate in the Live Virtual Pitch during the 17th Annual BendFilm Festival. The pitch will occur between October 9 - 18, 2020 *
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