Advice From a Loving Bitch Facilitator Training Program: Application Form
Please answer the questions below to apply for Rythea Lee's AFLB Facilitator Training Program. We are planning to do this program from February 1-April 5th, Mondays from 3:30-6, culminating on Saturday April 10th, 2021 from 10am-5pm EST. The AFLB Facilitator Training Program is intentionally seeking out leaders who identify themselves with marginalized identities and align themselves with social justice work. Please answer the questions below and feel free to contact with any questions or concerns. Thank you!
Name, preferred pronouns, and location: *
What do you know or what have you experienced with Rythea Lee’s "Advice from a Loving Bitch" online show? *
Have you ever facilitated a group process before? If so, please say a little about that and how it was for you, the skills you developed in that role, and why you want to continue as a facilitator of a group. *
What are your identities that you would like to share? (Optional)
What is your education and experience around social justice issues including inequities around gender, race, class, sex, abilities, religious and sexual orientation? Please be as specific as possible, including awareness around institutionalized oppression and identities. (If there are certain areas you are highly engaged in and others that are are new or less developed, please specify). *
Regarding the last question, how have equity and inclusion been a part of what you have facilitated in the past? Has it been a focus and/or a challenge and how so? *
Are you comfortable and familiar with using the preferred pronouns of those around you? *
Do you have a specific population or community that you are interested in working with? *
In this program structure, the facilitators participate and model the work as they run the group. How do you feel about taking others through the course while also participating in the assignments and exercises during the groups? *
Have you recently had any mental health crisis or struggled with self-harming thoughts or behaviors that you think we should know about? *
Do you feel mentally and emotionally stable to be participating in a group like this? Please tell us about your support system. *
Are there triggers for you around group sharing? If so, how do you manage those moments? What resources will you use? *
Do you have education and/or experience with trauma? Please specify. *
Have you run groups on Zoom before? How comfortable do you feel on Zoom as the host? *
Please offer the email and phone number of two references who would be happy to talk about why you would be an effective Facilitator. *
Are you generally available on Mondays from 3:30-6 beginning in February 2021? *
The cost of the 9-week AFLB Focus Group and the Facilitator Training Workshop will be charged on a sliding scale between $800.00 and $1,000.00. If selected as a trainee, would you benefit from our scholarship fund for BIPOC facilitators in order to participate in this program? Please provide an estimate (percentage or numerical figure) of the amount you would be able to allocate towards your completion of the program. Please note that your response to this question has no influence on whether or not you will be selected as a Facilitator; we are gathering this information for fundraising purposes only. *
What else do you want to tell us or ask us about this program? Please let us know about any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you! *
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