GIUサロン 昇級試験①


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Q1: At first I didn’t like my job, but ________ to enjoy it now. *
10 points
Q2. Look! That man over there ______ the same sweater as you. *
10 points
Q3. The water _________ . Be careful. *
10 points
Q4. I’ve lost my keys again. I ______ them. *
10 points
Q5: It _______ to get dark. Shall I turn on the light? *
10 points
Q6. The room ______. Let's open a window. *
10 points
Q7. Jane had a book open in front of her, but she _____ it. *
10 points
Q8: こちらを英作文にしてください。「私が勤めている会社は今年はあまりうまくいっていません」
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