Who's Your One
During the COVID-19 Crisis, it is easy to think we can't be on mission, but we can! Modern technology makes another person only a dial or conference call away! Record your Ones, Connections, Conversations, and Conversions here. You do need to fill out a separate form for each one. Lord willing, you will be returning to this form multiple times a month or, prayerfully, multiple times a week! Also, you are welcome to report interactions you had earlier in the year if you wish.

Connections - a direct invitation you made to a non-church person to either watch the sermon, engage in a Bible reading plan, or have a spiritual conversation with you.

Conversations - online or phone discussions you had with a non-church person about the Bible, the gospel, or the sermon.

Conversions - a person you led to faith in Christ.

Your One - one, non-church person whom you are praying for every day and seeking to engage with church and/or the gospel (You would only report on this once).
What are you reporting?
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