The Maniscripting Babe Ambassador Program
We’re looking for high vibe babes with a passion for manifestation, law of attraction or just a huge fan of the Maniscripting journal who can properly represent the Maniscripting brand.

We are looking for babes all over the world who are wanting to make an impact in their communities and help raise the vibration and consciousness of the world by inviting others to try and join the Maniscripting sisterhood.

Purchase is not necessary for being selected, however, if you have purchased any of our products in the past - we want to know! We have many new and exciting products coming to the Maniscripting family and we can't wait to share them with the world.

Please allow up to 7 days for us to go through your application, we will contact you within 14 days of application for next steps! Take note, we expect a high amount of applications, so please be thorough with your answers as we will only work with babes who fill out the application to completion.
What is your name, babe?
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Have you been a brand ambassador, influencer or affiliate before?
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Have you done an unboxing video before?
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Are you currently accepting gifting collaborations? (For example, products in exchange for a post or image)
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What is the niche / aesthetic of your social media account? (what do you typically post about) Please select all that apply.
Have you purchased any Maniscripting products in the past? (not necessary to be an ambassador)
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Why do you want to partner with Maniscripting?
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