New York's Village Halloween Parade Volunteers 2020
Thank you so much for your interest in being a part of the 47th Annual Halloween Parade!

This year's Theme is TBA!

As you know, you can’t pull off the creative chaotic performance that is the Parade without a lot of help from people like you - we’re so happy to have you on board. The online form is now available and accepting volunteers for the 2020 NYC Village Halloween Parade!

We will start coordinating volunteers for this year's parade in September. Look for an email from us in early October with details about your assignment.

Looking forward to having you help us with this wonderful and fun event on Halloween!
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If you're volunteering as a group, the person listed above will serve as the main point person, and will help us by forwarding all the necessary information to everyone in his or her group.
If signing up as a group:
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What are their names?
Of those people, are any of them children? If so, what are their ages?
Have you or your group ever volunteered in the Parade before?
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There are two ways to volunteer on Halloween Night!
Some of our jobs are easier than others, but they are all fun!

You can:

(1) PUPPETEER. Puppeteering in the Parade requires a fast one and a half mile walk, often carrying something unwieldy at the end of a long pole. Veterans of previous Parades will tell you, this takes a fair amount of physical endurance. Some roles require you to attend a rehearsal.

(2) MARSHAL. Volunteer Marshals do not carry puppets. Instead, they have the important position of helping to organize the Parade from initial line-up to completion. Marshals work alongside other Volunteers and Parade Staff to keep things running smoothly.
What role would you like to have in this parade? *
(Descriptions of each role are provided just above this question)
If you chose to carry a puppet... Have you carried a puppet before, and if so, which puppet(s)? Would you like to carry the same puppet, or would you like to try something new? Let us know if you have any questions regarding weight and size
What size puppet would you like to carry?
Secret skills & interests! Knowing what you are good at and what you like helps us "cast" you in an appropriate role.
Do you have any other experience that you think we should know about? Add anything you feel is relevant. (Theatre/dance/puppetry, aeronautical engineering, firewalking, managing events, pro-wrestling, mother-of-three...)
Some puppets are required to attend a rehearsal in Red Hook, NY, in advance of the parade. This year's rehearsal will be Saturday, October 24th Would you be able to attend this rehearsal? *
Note: not all puppets have this requirement, and not being able to attend rehearsal does not mean you can't puppeteer.
If you chose to carry a puppet and if all the positions are filled, would you be happy to be a Marshal instead?
Clear selection
MARSHALLING - - knowing what you are good at helps us assign you to an appropriate role!
Do you have any relevant special technical skills or interest? If so, briefly tell us here about any special event, technical theater, organizational or leadership experience. Note, Marshalls will be asked to attend an orientation meeting the week prior to the parade.
Puppetmaking Work Weekends
In addition to volunteering on the night of, you may choose to join us prior to the Parade to help build puppets for this year’s theme performance at Processional Arts Workshop in Red Hook, NY. Puppet making workshops will be held on four (4) Saturdays in October: 3, 10, and 17 (rehearsal 24).
Note: Red Hook is about two hours north of NYC by car. It is also accessible via Amtrak.

These day long workshops are free and fun! They are wildly popular -- space is limited, and workshops are filled on a first come first served basis.

These are not mandatory. You can still volunteer for the parade on Halloween Night without participating in workshops. Alternatively, you can participate in workshops but not on Halloween night, too.
Which day would you like to join us for Puppetmaking Workshops? If you are available for more than one, please check off all available dates. We will ask you for your preference in a separate email.
Please note that October 26 will be a tech/dress rehearsal for the Parade in Red Hook NY (not in Brooklyn).
Workshop Transportation
If you plan to drive, please consider offering a ride to other volunteers that are coming up. We will pair you with passengers if you are driving. Please let us know how many seats you have available and where you will be driving to Red Hook NY from. If you need a ride, we are happy to try to pair you, a passenger, with a driver coming up from the city. Please let us know if this is your preferred option and where you are located.
Visual Arts Technical Skills
If you are wishing to make puppets, tell us about any relevant special skills or interest you have, including any craft and building skills.
A Bit More To Go...

Be sure to hit submit at the bottom of this form!

As the Parade approaches, we will send all of our volunteers more detailed information on everything they need to know, including assignments, rehearsals, time commitment, what to wear and what to bring on the night of, etc. If you have any questions before then, you can e-mail us at!

Note: We will begin to reply to sign ups in mid September. Please do not write us before then -- we will not see your email!

We can't thank you enough for helping to bring life to the Parade!

Grace, Jeanne, Sarah, Alex, Sophia & the rest of the VHP team
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