A Beginner's Guide To Saying I Do: Which Character Are You?
Tick the box that most represents you and your wedding choices.
Wedding Venue: Which Would You Choose?
You Want Your Wedding Reception To Be...
Your Ideal Wedding Cake Would Be...
What Would Be The Song For Your First Dance?
How Would You Arrive At Your Wedding
What Would The Theme of Your Wedding Be?
What Would You Like As A Wedding Gift?
How Many Bridesmaids Will You Have?
Where Would Your Honeymoon Take Place?
Now count the numbers of ticks for A-D and see which box you agreed with the most:
Mostly As
You're Ruth!

Ruth wants a small, fun wedding to fit within her budget. As long as she has her close friends and family there to celebrate with, she's happy!

Mostly Bs
You're Trina!

Trina wants a magical, romantic wedding but it's the marriage afterwards she's mostly looking forward to. The little details are important, but not as important as spending the rest of her life with the man she loves.

Mostly Cs
You're Lindsay!

Lindsay wants a lavish wedding, where money is no object. The kind of wedding nobody will forget (or be able to top).

Mostly Ds
You're Erin!

Erin doesn't believe in marriage. She likes her independence too much and believes you can love someone without having to legally bind yourself to them.

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