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Logo design services are $50 and to be paid via Paypal Goods & Services to sebrina.m.parker@gmail.com. You will receive 3-4 initial mocks that will then be developed into your logo proof based on your specifications. Once we receive final approval, your logo will be delivered via email in pdf, jpg, and png formats. The entire design process can take up to 2 weeks based upon communication speed.
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If you know the 6-digit HEX code for your desired colors you can input then below. You can also find inspiration on Pinterest and attach the link. Here is a great starting off point: https://www.pinterest.com/sparkfreely/graphic-arts/color-my-world/
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Do you have any favorite fonts you would like to include? Dafont.com is a great resource for inspiration!
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Would you like a graphic to accompany your text? What ideas do you have in mind for this image?
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