TLM at St. Leo's
This questionnaire is designed to gauge interest and support for starting a Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in Winston-Salem, NC. This first section asks questions about your family, how many would like to attend the TLM at St. Leo's, and if you would be willing to take a leadership role in organizing the TLM. Subsequent sections will ask about potential altar servers, a schola, financial and non-financial support, providing for longterm needs, and the Divine Office. ALL QUESTIONS ARE OPTIONAL.
Family Name
How many people in your family are interested in attending the TLM?
Do you live in Winston-Salem?
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Are you parishioners at St. Leo's?
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Do you regularly attend Mass at St. Leo?
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When would you be interested in attending the TLM at St. Leo's?
Would you be willing to take a leadership role in organizing the TLM at St. Leo's?
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If you answered "yes" (or "maybe") to the last question, please provide your contact information below.
If you have provided your contact information elsewhere, you do not need to provide it again. If there are multiple people in your family and they are volunteering for different things, please indicate who is volunteering for this activity and his/her contact information.
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