Connor Elizabeth Maxwell and Cameron Averitt Maxwell Memorial Scholarship Application
The purpose of this scholarship is to honor Connor and Cameron Maxwell, and to allow youth the opportunity to participate in some of the activities that were dear to them. Connor and Cameron passed away in 2009. Though their lives were short, they certainly made the most of the time they had. They each had a zest for life and infectious personalities that brought smiles to the faces of everyone they encountered. Connor and Cameron Maxwell were not only amazing people, but also faithful followers of Christ. They were both selfless, loyal friends with infectious personalities that drew others to them. Above all, they exemplified Christ's love in the way they treated everyone they knew.
Connor had a heart for missions and loved participating in outreach opportunities. Cameron loved athletics and could often be found on the basketball court. Both were involved in the Snyder Memorial Baptist Church Youth Group and Youth Choir. This scholarship honors them by providing youth with the opportunity to participate in these same activities.

This scholarship will be awarded to up to two students who possess the characteristics that Connor and Cameron embodied so that they may participate in the activities Connor and Cameron loved so much. Applicants must be in middle or high school and involved in the Snyder Memorial Baptist Church Youth Program.

Scholarship recipients will possess the following traits:

Scholarship money may be used toward the following:
-Missions/outreach programs
-Christian athletic programs
-Youth choir trips/experiences
-Other activities Connor Maxwell participated in
-Other activities Cameron Maxwell participated in

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