Hale-Ray Athletics - Parent Survey
Please read the philosophy of Hale-Ray Philosophy of Athletics

The goal of the athletic department is to conduct a comprehensive program which is consistent with the philosophy of the East Haddam School System. As a part of the total education process, our athletic program makes a significant contribution to the personal growth and development of the participants. We strive to increase the student’s knowledge as well as to contribute to their maturity, teach ethical and moral values, and motivate them in the pursuit of excellence so we can produce individuals who realize their self-worth and reach their full potential.

Hale-Ray's athletes consistently demonstrates good citizenship and respect for rules and authority. *
Hale-Ray athletes regularly demonstrate good sportsmanship. *
Team practices include high level sport- based skill instruction. *
Team practices uses time effectively. *
My Hale-Ray Athlete(s) is/are learning to stress the importance of fitness, conditioning, health habits, and safety in athletics. *
My child(ren) receive information about strength and conditioning specific to my sport. *
I observe student athletes learning and practicing leadership skills while they participate in athletics. *
If or when I have a concern, I know the chain of command. *
As I see it, every team I see gets the same amount of resources. (for example: new uniforms, practice time) *
I see bullying in the my child(ren)'s sports programs. *
The climate during practices and games is fun and exciting. *
I understand the criteria coaches use for try outs. *
My child works on sport specific skills outside of practices and games as a result of specific coach feedback. *
My child is attending *
MS Only - The athletics program appropriately balances winning, sportsmanship, and fun. *
MS Only - My athlete plays ________ sports during the school year. *
HS Only - The athletics program appropriately balances winning, sportsmanship, and fun. *
HS Only - My athlete plays ________ sports during the school year. *
My child(ren) are *
What changes have you witnessed in the 2018-2019 athletic program? *
What changes to the athletic program would you like to see in the 19-20 school year? *
My athlete is improving because... *
List three things you think went very well during the past season *
List three things that you would have like to see done differently or better *
List three things that you hope to see the program focused on throughout the next season *
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