Solidarity With Fordham SJP!
We, the the undersigned organizations, professors, students, and other concerned individuals, extend our unequivocal support to the Fordham University students facing administrative repression of their efforts to organize and advocate for Palestinian rights. In spite of the United Student Government’s vote to approve club status for Students in Justice in Palestine, the Dean of Students at Fordham Lincoln Center, Keith Eldredge, issued a last minute veto of its charter. Dean Eldredge cites concern for the divisive nature of such advocacy and encourages students to explore alternative means of engaging the issue, mirroring language commonly used to stifle any challenge to the status quo. Just as troubling is the invocation of a baseless and damaging stereotype that characterizes pro-Palestine activists as malicious and antagonistic. At a time of increased state repression and threats to civil liberties, educational institutions have a duty to protect the free speech of their students, especially those with politically unpopular positions and marginalized identities. We affirm the courage of our allies and condemn Fordham’s cowardly capitulations to the forces that aim to systematically disparage and derail the movement for justice in Palestine.

Statement from Palestine Legal here:

Free Palestine! Free Speech!

In Solidarity,
NYC Students for Justice in Palestine

Endorsing Organizations:
Academics for Palestine
Adalah-NY: The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel
Al-Awda, The Palestine Right To Return Coalition
Al-Nakba Awareness Project
American Muslims for Palestine
American Muslims for Palestine - Chicago Chapter
ANSWER Coalition
Arab Studies Club of Hunter College
Arab Students Organization - Northwestern University
ARCH (Alliance to Restore Cultural Heritage in the Holy City of Jerusalem)
Barnard/Columbia Socialists
Cafe Palestina of the Southern Berkshires
Chicago Veterans For Peace Chapter #26
The City University of New York (CUNY) Adjunct Project
Cleveland Peace Action
Committee for Open Discussion of Zionism (CODZ)
CUNY 4 Palestine
DePaul Socialists
Gaza Action Ireland
General Union of Palestine Students, San Francisco State University
Georgetown University Forming a Radically Ethical Endowment
HP Boycott-Los Angeles (
Hunter College Socialists
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
Independent Jewish Voices McGill University
International Socialist Organization
International Socialist Organization - Portland, OR
International Socialist Organization-Asheville, NC
International Socialist Organization, Austin, TX
Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Jewish Voice for Peace - Boston
Jewish Voice for Peace - Los Angeles
Jewish Voice for Peace - Northern NJ
Jewish Voice for Peace - NYC
Jewish Voice for Peace - Ohio State University
Jewish Voice for Peace - Philadelphia
Jewish Voice for Peace - Portland, OR
Jewish Voice for Peace - San Diego, CA
Jewish Voice for Peace - Vassar
Jewish Voice for Peace - Westchester
Jewish Voice for Peace - Western Mass
Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
Kapitan Law Office
Labor for Palestine
Law Office of J. Michael Springmann PLLC
MENA Solidarity Network-US
Middle East Children's Alliance
Muslim American Society of New York
National Lawyers Guild
National Lawyers Guild - NYU
National Lawyers Guild Palestine Subcommittee
NH Veterans for Peace
Occupation-Free Portland
Ohio Student Association
Palestine Solidarity Alliance, Hunter College
Palestine Solidarity Collective - Syracuse, NY
Palestine Solidarity Committee, Harvard College
Palestine Solidarity Committee, UT Austin
Peace Action Manhattan
Peace, Justice, Sustainability Florida
Philadelphia Coalition for REAL Justice
Police Reform Organizing Project
Progessive Student Union - U.T. Arlington
Queers Against Israeli Apartheid - NYC
Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
Showing Up for Racial Justice NYC
Showing Up for Racial Justice, San Diego
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights - CWRU
Students for a Democratic Society at UH
Students for Justice in Palestine, Bard College
Students for Justice in Palestine, Berkeley Law
Students for Justice in Palestine, Brown University
Students for Justice in Palestine, Bryn Mawr and Haverford
Students for Justice in Palestine, California State University, Fullerton
Students for Justice in Palestine, California State University Sacramento
Students for Justice in Palestine, City College of New York
Students for Justice in Palestine, College of Staten Island
Students for Justice in Palestine, Columbia
Students for Justice in Palestine, CUNY Law
Students for Justice in Palestine, DePaul University
Students for Justice in Palestine, Duke University
Students for Justice in Palestine, FIU
Students for Justice in Palestine, Florida State University
Students for Justice in Palestine, George Washington University
Students for Justice in Palestine, Georgetown University
Students for Justice in Palestine, Green Mountain College
Students for Justice in Palestine, Houston
Students for Justice in Palestine, Hunter College
Students for Justice in Palestine, John Jay College
Students for Justice in Palestine, Kent State University
Students for Justice in Palestine, Louisiana State University
Students for Justice in Palestine, Maastricht
Students for Justice in Palestine, National Coordinating Committee
Students for Justice in Palestine, The New School
Students for Justice in Palestine, New York University
Students for Justice in Palestine, Northeastern University
Students for Justice in Palestine, Northwestern University
Students for Justice in Palestine, Ohio State University
Students for Justice in Palestine, Rotterdam
Students for Justice in Palestine, Saint Joseph's College
Students for Justice in Palestine, Temple University
Students for Justice in Palestine, TCD
Students for Justice in Palestine, University of California Berkeley
Students for Justice in Palestine, University of California Davis
Students for Justice in Palestine, University of California Los Angeles
Students for Justice of Palestine, University of California, Riverside
Students for Justice in Palestine - University of California, Santa Barbara
Students for Justice in Palestine, University of California Santa Cruz
Students for Justice in Palestine, University of Chicago
Students for Justice in Palestine, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Students for Justice in Palestine, University of North Florida
Students for Justice in Palestine, University of South Florida
Students for Justice in Palestine, University of Texas at Arlington
Students for Justice in Palestine, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Students for Justice in Palestine, Vassar College
Students for Justice in Palestine, Wesleyan University
Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine, Earlham College
Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights- Portland State University
UCLA Cultural Affairs Commission
US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI)
Warscapes Magazine
Wasatch Coalition for Peace and Justice, Salt Lake City
WESPAC Foundation
Women in Black Amsterdam The Netherlands
Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre
Young Democratic Socialists of Princeton
Young Communist League - Hamilton Chapter

Fordham Students, Alumni & Staff:

Abigail Gibson, Alumni, Fordham College Rose Hill
Alan Abraham, FCRH '12
Alesha Kilayko, Student, Fordham University
Alexander Elnabli Fordham University
Ali Glembocki, Fordham Class of 2016
Alysha Kundanmal, Student, Fordham University
Amanda Vodola, Alumni, Fordham College Rose Hill*
Ana Velasco, Alumni, Fordham University
Anastasia Lacina, Fordham University at Rose Hill
Anny Hsu, Fordham University
Aseah Khan, FCLC '18
Aurpita Deb, Fordham College Lincoln Center
Bo Fisher, Fordham University, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Caitlin Carmody, Fordham University, Political Science
Carmela Muzio Dormani, Fordham alum
Carol Kaplan, Professor Emerita, Fordham University*
Caroline Smith, Fordham student
Carolyn Picnus, FCLC Alum 2004
Cathay Pratt, Fordham University
Chris Grattan, Fordham College 1971
Clair Howe, Fordham University
Claire Del Sorbo, Student, Fordham University
Corey McEleney, Assistant Professor, Fordham University
Courtney Klender, Student/Fordham University
Daniah Warde, Fordham University
Danielle Moeser, Alumni, Fordham University Rose Hill
David Gonyer, Student, Fordham University
Deema Nagib, Student, Fordham University School of Law
Devin Kelly, Alumni, Fordham College Rose Hill, Adjunct Instructor, CUNY*
Devin Kelly, Alumni, Fordham College Rose Hill, Adjunct Instructor, CUNY
Devon Ressne , Fordham University Lincoln Center
Diamantis Kefalas, Fordham University Class of 2019
Diamantis Kefalas, Fordham University Class of 2019
Donald Borenstein, Alumni, FCRH '13
Drazzel Feliu, Fordham University Alumni
Elena Rosen, Student, Fordham Law
Elizabeth Light, Fordham University, Graduate Student
Emily Leaman, Fordham University
Emily Rubino, Alumni, Fordham University Lincoln Center*
Gabrielle Curran, Fordham University
Glen Dalakian II, Student, Fordham School of Law
Glenn Hendler, Professor, Fordham University
Grace Thompson, Student at Fordham University
Hunter Blas, Student, Fordham University
Jade Reyes, Fordham University
John Hansen, Jr, Alumnus, FCO '89
John Hughes, Fordham University
John McCullough, Student/Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Jordan Stein, Associate Professor, Fordham University
Julian Bailey, Fordham University, Student
Katherine Coombs, Student, Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Kathleen Stanovick, Fordham University LC
Kelsey Feehan, Fordham University Alumni Class of 2010, Rose Hill
Kevin Berlanga, Fordham University, Student
Krista Staropoli, Fordham Law
Kyle Zarif, Fordham University
Lauren Trahan, Fordham University Alumni
Lillian Cicerchia, Fordham College Rose Hill, Graduate student
Marcus Schweiger, Fordham University
Mark Naison, Professor of African American Studies and History, Fordham University
Maya Raquel Castellanos, Fordham University
Melissa Smyth, Alumni, Fordham College Rose Hill*
Michael J. Habeeb, Fordham College at Rose Hill '10
Michael Syku, Fordham University Alumnus Rose Hill, Fordham Law Student
Nicholas Sooy, Fordham University
Nick Berry, Fordham University, teaching fellow
Nora Amr, Fordham University
Olivia Bryce, FCLC 2017
Olivia Toups, Student, Fordham Law
Peter McNally, Fordham University Theatre Program
Peyton Berry, Fordham University 2018
Philip J. Conlon, Alumnus, Fordham College Rose Hill 1968
Philip J. Conlon, Alumnus, Fordham College Rose Hill 1968
Rami Khazen, Student, GSBFCLC
Rami Saleh, Fordham University Freshman
Regina Foley, Fordham University
Rhianna Marks-Watton, Fordham University
Richard W. Morrison, Editorial Director, Fordham University Press*
Robert (Bert) Schultz, Alumni, FCRH '70
Robert Moore, Alumni, Fordham University Lincoln Center
Ruhi Behal, Fordham University Law Student
Sabrina White, Fordham University
Sally Eberhardt, Alumni, Fordham College Rose Hill
Sandra Turner, Associate Professor Fordham University*
Sara Abdelbarry, Student, Fordham University
Sara Genoves-Sylvan, Fordham University FCLC '09, NYU MSW candidate
Shane Meager, Fordham University
Shannon Constantine Student at Fordham University, c/o 2019
Sierra Fox, Alumni, Fordham College Lincoln Center
Sophie Dawson, Fordham student
Sri Rain Stewart, Alumni, Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Stephanie Scamuvffo, Student, Fordham University Lincoln Center
Steve Bozzone FCRH 2014
Steven T. Payne, Teaching Fellow, Theology Department Fordham University*
Thania Hussain, Fordham University
Tom Drinane, Fordham University Alumnus
Tyler Crawford, Fordham Law*
Vincent DeCesare, Alumni, Fordham College Rose Hill*
Vincent Tsai, Fordham University
Yasmin Merchant, FCRH Class of 2017
Year Peretz, Fordham Alumni (summer institute)
Zoe Rabinowitz, FCLC Alumna '05

Professors & Individuals:
Aaron Begg, Johns Hopkins
Aaron Kaiser-Chen, Columbia University / Alum
Aaron Shapiro, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania
Abbas Hamideh, Vice Chair, Al-Awda
Abdelrazek Hamed, Farmer
Abdulrahman Khoshaim, Columbia University
Abraham Sherief, Rutgers University
Adam Miyashiro, Assistant Professor of Literature, Stockton University
Ahmed Hafezi, NYU
Ajantha Subramanian Harvard University
Akhil Gopal
Alaa Qarooni, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign *
Alan Essner, Brooklyn for Peace
Alan Wald, Collegiate Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan
Alex Ferreira, NYU
Alexa Greene, NYU/Student
Alfredo Roldán-Flores
Ali Alshaher, member
Alice Kezhaya, CASAR, American University of Beirut
Alonso Avila, Librarian, University of Iowa
Aly Maun
Alyssa Goldstein, Department of Sociology, Mass Amherst
Alysse Hotz, University of Washington
Amahl Bishar, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Tufts U
Amani Mohamed, Columbia College/Columbia University/ Student
Amelia Hassoun, Graduate Student, UMN Twin Cities
Amid Tofighian, University of Sydney
Amith Gupta, NYU School of Law
Andrew Dilts, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Loyola Marymount University
Andrew Joung, Research Coordinator, University of Pennsylvania,
Aneesa Abdul-Fattaah, Student, Northwestern University
Angel Castelar, Concerned American citizen
Anita Levy, Retired Public School Educator
Ann Whelan, Retired. Rochester College. English Faculty.
Anna Potempska, retired scientist from NYS IBR
Anne Pomeroy, Professor, Stockton University
Anneeth Kaur Hundle, University of California, Merced, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Anthony Alessandrini, Professor of English & Middle Eastern Studies, CUNY
Antonia House, Esq., Immigrant Justice Corps Fellow, Make the Road New York*
Aren Aizura, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Ariel Wolsztejn
Arman Azimi PhD Candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Atari Das, The Graduate Center, CUNY*
Ayub Julany, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign *
Bara Saadah, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Barbara Harvey, Attorney, former faculty, Wayne State University Law School
Basel Quran, UNC SJP
Basma N. Radwan, Student
Benjamin Balthaser, Associate Professor of English, Indiana University
Bertell Ollman, Professor of Politics, New York University
Beverly Rice
Bill Chambers, Graduate Student, American Islamic College
Bill V. Mullen, Professor of American Studies Purdue University
Blythe Hawthorne-Loizeaux, New York University School of Law
Bob Brister
Bonnie Gormon
Brandon Davis, NYU Law
Bruce Kevine, Professor Emeritus, Univ of Illinois
Bruce Robbins, Professor, Columbia University
Bud Korotzer, Brooklyn College BA MA
Byron Davies, PhD Candidate, Philosophy Department, Harvard University
Byron Davies, PhD Candidate, Philosophy Department, Harvard University
Carina Ray, Brandeis University
Carla Henebry, Retired
Carol Wald
Carole Monica Burnett, member, Friends of Sabeel North America
Cathy Bergin, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, University of Washington
Chelsea Nikirk, Paralegal
Chris Eng, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Christine Sifferman, NYU Law Student
Christopher Dole, Amherst College
Christopher Hanna, Cornell University
Claire Bobel, Kent State University
Claire Hunter, Bennington College
Claudia Baba
Connor Gorman, UC Davis Grad Student, UB Alum*
Conor Tomás Reed, Professional Staff Congress/CUNY*
Cory DF
Cristina Malcolmson, Professor Emerita of English
Crystal Hans, NYU School of Law
Cynthia Franklin, Professor of English, University of Hawai'i*
Dan Cahill
Dana Bisignani, Purdue University
Dana Kopel
Daniel Waterman, Author
Danya Al-Saleh, UW-Madison, PhD Student, Geography
Danya Mohammad, General Member
Daria Krechevsky Lipsitt, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dave Reed
David Comedi, Department of Physics, CONICET and National University of Tucumán (Argentina), Associate Professor and Principal Investigator
David Donoghuwe, Teacher (Ireland)
David Finkel, AGAINST THE CURRENT magazine
David Klein, Professor, California State University Northridge*
David Palumbo-Liu, Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor, Stanford
Dean Imholz, UNCA
Deena Kamel, UCR student
Dennis Kortheuer, emeritus, Cal State University Long Beach
Derek Ludovici, PhD student, CUNY Graduate Center
Donna Willmott, Retired professor, City College of San Francisco
Donnie Donilon, NYU SJP Alumni/ ISO
Dorian Bon, Columbia University
Dorothy Freeman
Dr. Christopher Foster, Assistant Professor Jackson State University
Dusten Pettengill, Political Activist
Eileen Weitzman, National Laywers Guild Palestine Subcommittee Co Chair
Elaine Bradley, Trinity College Dublin
Elaine Cleary, Ohio State University
Elizabeth Bishop, Department of History, Texas State University
Elizabeth Molchany, Attorney-at-law
Elizabeth Roberts, War Resisters League
Ellen Isaacs, MD
Ellen Ross, Professor Emerita Ramapo College of N.J.
Emiliano Huet-Vaughn, Assistant Professor of Economics, Middlebury College
Emily Balzano
Eric Nost, PhD candidate, Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ethan Cohen
Evan W. Sandlin, PhD Candidate, University of California Davis
Ferial Massoud
Francesca Scaraggi, Alumni, Hofstra University
Francine Korotzer, Brooklyn College BA 1967
Fred Nagel, Alumnus
Galo Vasquez, SUNY New Paltz
Garrett Wright, National Lawyers Guild - NYC Chapter member
Geoffrey Wildanger, Brown University
Georgia Guida, BA Brooklyn 1980, MPA Baruch 1990*
Gloria Goodwin Raheja, Professor of Anthropology, University of Minnesota
Hanna Salman, University of Pittsburgh
Hansen Abuqalbeen, University of South Florida
Hazem Behiry
Humera Durrani, Alumni, UC Davis
Huwaida Arraf, Civil / Human Rights Attorney
Ian Barnard, Associate Professor of Rheotoric and Composition, Chapman University
Ianna Hawkins Owen UC Berkeley
Inbal Amit-Palumbo, Students for Justice in Palestine, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Student
Indigo Olivier, The New School, student
Irene Binder
Irène Lucia Delaney, Alumna, Bryn Mawr College
Iva Alikaj, UC Davis Undergraduate Student
Izabella Banka, Alumni, American University
Jaime Veve, Transport Workers Union (ret.)
James Marc Leas, National Lawyers Guild
Janan Shouhayib
Jane Tierney, Earlham College
Janell Watson, Professor, Virginia Tech
Jared Quinton, NYU student & Whitney ISP fellow
Jared Sacks, Columbia University
Jason Schulman, Professional Staff Congress/CUNY
Jauzey Imam, Alumni, UT Austin*
Jean Gregorek, Associate Professor, Canisius College
Jeff Watters, Columbus State Community College
Jeremy Randall, Phd Candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Jeremy Rayner, Professor IAEN Quito
Jessica Martin
Jessie Rubin, Barnard 2019
Jo Salas
Joanne Demchok, Individual
Joe Catron, Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
Joel Reinstein
Joel Wool
John Champagne, Professor of English, Penn State Erie, the Behrend College
John Collins, St. Lawrence University*
Jonathan Buchsbaum, Professor, Queens College, City University of New York*
Jonathan Dettman, University of Nebraska–Kearney
Jonathan Graubart, Professor, Political Science, San Diego State
Jonothan Logan, research scientist
Jordy Rosenberg, University of Massachusetts*
Jorge Gruber Vassar College/Student
joseph attamante
Joseph Cannizzo, Birkbeck, University of London
Joseph Shahadi, New York University
Joseph Wuest
Josephine Lawson, Palestine Solidarity Committee-UT Austin
Josh Strassman, UMass Amherst*
Judith Stevenson, Emerita, California State University Long Beach
Julia Shpirt
Julieta Salgado, CUNY Brooklyn College, '15
Justice Harley, Ohio State University/Student
Justin Leroy, Assistant Professor of History, University of California, Davis
Kandice Chuh, CUNY Graduate Center, Professor
Karen Kessler, Retired Catholic lady
Kate Castle
Kathleen Holscher, Professor and Catholic Studies Chair, University of New Mexico
Kathy Wouk, Member, JVP NY
Katrina Shakarian
Keegan O'Brien, Teacher
Kevin Cashman
Khaldun Samman, Professor of Sociology
Kim D. Hunter
Kory Stuer, Georgetown University student
Kristin Szremski, AMP
Krystyn Lyles, Rowan University Alumni
Kyla Schuller, Assistant Professor, Women's and Gender Studies Rutgers University
Kyle Goen, Decolonize This Place
Lama Abu-Amara, Kent State University Muslim Students' Association President
Lames Deek, Attorney
Lara Cohen, Swarthmore College
Laura K. Landolt, Oakland University
Leila Ben-Nasr, PhD Candidate, The Ohio State University
Lena Adely
Lenah Saad
Lina Khaznadar, post-graduate, Columbia SIPA
Lourdes Dolores Follins
Lyle Rubin, University of Rochester
Madeline Bankson, Vassar College*
Malek Elsayyid, Drew University
Mara Ahmed
Margaret Ferguson, Professor of English
Margaret Young, Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia, Brazil
Maria Rodriguez, Student
Mariam Alkhalili, UCR
MARK T. HARRIS, Writer, Portland OR
Mary Singaus
Marya Pezzano
Maryvelma Smith O'Neil, Professor, Global Citizens Program, Webster University (Geneva)
Matt Berkman, Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania
Matthew DeMaio, Boston College '13
Matthew Kosinski, The New School
MD Zahirul Islam, College of Staten Island
Mehran Mehrdad Ali, International Socialist Organization
Mia Grindon, student, Northwestern University
Michael Billeaux, PhD student, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Michael Doyle, American University of Beirut
Michael Eisenscher, former Laney College Labor Studies Program Instructor
Michael Letwin, Former President, Association of Legal Aid Attorneys; Labor for Palestine*
Michael Levin, Columbia College Chicago*
Michael McIntyre, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of International Studies, DePaul University
Michael Principe, Professor of Philosophy, Middle Tennessee State University
Michael Smith, Attorney at Law
Michael Spear, Kingsborough Community College/Faculty
Michael-David Sasson
Michele Rousseau, Artist
Miguel Levy, Michigan Technological University/Professor
Mike Levinson
Milo Giovanniello
Milos Maglich N/A
Mitchel Cohen, Brooklyn Greens/Green Party
Mohamed Wajdi Ben Hammed, Student, Columbia University
Mohammad Abou-Ramadan, Member
Mohammad Hamad, Adjunct Professor, City University of New York
Mohammad Khan, University of Texas- Arlington
Molly Kulwin, JVP Mass Amherst
Moureen Ahmed, University of California, Riverside
Muriam H. Davis, Assistant Professor, UCSC
N. Saleh
Nadine Saliba
Nanlouise Wolfe
Nathan Frontiero, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Neepa Majumdar, Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Neil Rogall, London Palestine Action (UK) Jews for Justice for Palestinians (UK)
Nicholas Rynearson, Adjunct Professor, NYU
Nicky Steidel, Princeton University
Nicolas Rojas, Nyu sjp
Nicole Massad, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Nida Sahouri, American Muslims for Palestine.
Nidhin Varghese, California State University, Long Beach
Nina Felshin
Noah Habeeb, Tufts University
Noah McCarthy, University of Michigan
Noel, Florida International University
Noha Mahmoud
Nora Ani Cameron, UMass Amherst
Norah AlJunaidi, Ithaca College- Vice President of IC SJP chapter
Norman Ressnick, Solidarity socialist-feminist organization
Nour Shtayyeh, American University of Beirut, student
Noura Khouri, Arab Resource and Organizing Center
Ofer Neiman
Olivia Elder, George Washington University
Olivia Nelson, Student
Owais Ansari, Student, Northwestern University
Oyku Tekten, The Graduate Center, PhD in English*
Paul Gallagher
Peter Collins, Senior Lecturer St Mary's University College Belfast
Phoenix Singer, Portland State University Student
Pranav Jani, Associate Professor, Ohio State University
Professor Thomas Abowd, Tufts University
Rabab Abdulhadi, Professor, San Francisco State University, Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies*
Rachel Kuria, UCLA, Co-Outreach Director
Raia Small
Ramsey Dahab, Graduate Student/University of Miami
Ramsey Dahab, University of Miami/ Graduate Student
Rana Sobeih, University of South Carolina, student
Rania Masri, Associate director, Asfari institute, AUB*
Ream Akkeh, Fairfield University, Alumni
Rebecca Fullan, PhD Candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Rebecca Hirsch, Humble Mumbles
Rei Terada, Professor of Comparative Literature, UC Irvine
Remi Kenazi, Poet
Ria Jain, Campaign Director, UCLA SJP
Richard Greve
Richard Reilly, Hammer Hard Media Works
Robert McAuliffe, University of Mississippi
Robert McAuliffe, University of Mississippi
Robert McAuliffe, University of Mississippi
Robert Rosen, Professor of English, William Paterson University
Robert Vitalis, Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania
Robyn C. Spencer, Lehman College, CUNY
Roger Beck, University of Toronto, Professor Emeritus
Ronald W. Cox, Florida International University Professor
Ronald Warren
Rosalind Petchesky, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Political Science, Hunter College & the Graduate Center - CUNY*
Ross Campbell
Roxana Asbagh, UCR SJP
Russell Weiss-Irwin, Cafeteria worker, Princeton University*; Member of the National Political Committee, Democratic Socialists of America*
Sabrina G, Hunter, CUNY
Sage Peña
Salma Attia, The George Washington University Law School
Salmah Y. Rizvi, NYU Law '16
Sam Ikehara University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Samar Hussein Langhorne, Bowling Green University
Samya Abu-Orf
Sarah Hazem, Columbia University
Sarah Shahatto, University of California, Riverside
Sarah Z. Mamo, International Socialist Organization - Columbus, OSU Coalition for Black Liberation, 4th-year undergrad
Sascha Angermann, Purdue University, PhD student in American Studies
Sasha Barr, San Diego State University
Schneur Newfield, NYU, PhD
Scott Farley, Graduate Student, UW Madison
Sebastian Spitz, Bard College*
Seth Uzman, Student, University of Texas at Austin
Shanda Eisel, Eastern Michigan University - Student
Shane Yelicanin, Alumni
Shelley Streeby, Professor, University of California, San Diego
Sherna Berger Gluck, Emerita, California State University, Long Beach
Shezza Abboushi Dallal, Barnard College Alumna
Simona Sharoni, Professor, SUNY Plattsburgh
Sitharthan Sriharan, M.A. Candidate, MESAAS, GSAS, Columbia University
Sonam Singh, Adjunct Lecturer, Barnard College
Sophia Goodfriend, graduate student/university of chicago
Sophie Edelhart, Barnard College, Student
Stanley Thangaraj, City college of New York
Stephanie Cimino
Stephanie George, UMass Amherst
Stephen R. Shalom, Professor, William Paterson University of NJ
Stephen Zunes, Professor, University of San Francisco*
Steve Fox
Steven Marsh, Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Steven Salaita, American University of Beirut
Sue Ferguson, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Summer Sheridan-Zabre, Individual alumni
Sunaina Maira, UC Davis, Professor
Sura Jnny, UCR
Susan Etscovitz
Susan Scott, Human Rights Attorney
Suvir Kaul, University of Pennsylvania
Suzanne Adely, National Lawyers Guild
Taher Herzallah, American Muslims for Palestine
Tahiri Alford, SUNY
Tala Makhoul, Graduate Student, American University of Beirut
Taliah Mirmalek, UNITEHERE Researcher
Tamara Mustafa, UCR
Tamara Rasamny, Syracuse University
Tami Gold, Professor, Filmmaker, Hunter College
Tamim Khaddash, Resident Physician Temple University Hospital
Tania Lizarazo, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Tasmina Khair, Lehman college
Taylor Micks, Graduate Instructor-- University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Tiffany Do
Tim Goulet, Teamsters Local 810
Timothy J Reiss, Professor Emeritus, New York Univerrsity
Tithi Bhattacharya, Professor, Purdue Unviersity
Tonya Boyer
Trish Kahle, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago
Tyrone Williams, Professor, Xavier University
Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee, Warwick University
Uri Horesh, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Essex
Valentina Capurri, Ryerson University
Vanessa Arce
Victoria Negrea
Victoria White, Mass Amherst
Wael Elasady
Wendy Thompson, Retired President Local 235, UAW
William Johnson, Spence School/Learning Specialist
William Ruhm, Boston University Student
Xhuli Agolli, Phd candidate, CUNY Graduate Center
Yasmeen El-Jayyousi, University of Kansas
Yasmine Kamel, Brooklyn College Student
Yasser Munif, Professor, Emerson College
Yazan Dabbas, University
Yogita Goyal, Associate Professor, English, UCLA
Zahra Baloch
Zainab Tawil, Bates College
Zila Renfro, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign*
Zoe Lawlor, University of Limerick, Ireland*

*For identification purposes only

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