Bloom's Taxonomy
Read the article Bloom’s Taxonomy and Education (linked on the course’s website) and answer the series of questions below.
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1. Define what Bloom’s Taxonomy is. *
2. Explain the each of the different learning styles in Bloom’s Taxonomy (Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor) *
3. Connect Bloom’s Taxonomy to how teachers can use it to encourage higher level thinking in students and create better understanding. *
4. Explain the relationship between Bloom’s Taxonomy and how to package learning to encourage higher level thinking. *
5. Evaluate the idea of Standardized Testing and determine whether or not it encourages higher level thinking like Bloom would suggest. Record your findings below. *
6. Create a series of questions for an article of your choice about a topic of your choice and explain how your questions encourage higher level thinking. Write a citation for the article (use to writean appropriate citation in MLA) and your questions on the back of this page.
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Questions: (Write 6) *
Explanation:- How do your questions help encourage higher-level thinking and help greater comprehension of the topics in the article? *
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