2019 IF Competition Survey
Hello! Thanks for taking this survey. We appreciate you.
How did you participate in the 2019 IFComp?
Did you donate to the Colossal Fund?
Did you donate a (non-Colossal Fund) prize?
Was there anything about this year's competition that especially delighted you?
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Was there anything about this year's competition that disappointed you?
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Do you intend to participate next year?
What suggestions do you have for the organizers of IFComp?
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Would you be interested in volunteering to help with IFComp in the future?
If you answered "Sure!" to the previous question, is there some aspect of the competition in particular you'd like to help with? (Again, remember to leave us your name and contact info on the final survey question!)
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Do you have any other thoughts to share about IFComp these days?
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If you'd like us to reach out to you to discuss your comments, you think you might want to volunteer, or you otherwise feel like letting us know who you are, please sign your name and leave us your email.
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