Rolling River Ranch and Rescue Foster Application
Thanks so much for your interest in helping us help homeless animals! Please fill out the application honestly and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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Shelter cats and dogs come into rescue with unknown backgrounds. Do you have an area where you can quarantine away from your own pets for the first 1-2 weeks? *
I understand that the animals(s) in foster care will at all times remain the sole property of Rolling River Ranch and Rescue, and that I will return the animal(s) if or when requested by the staff for any reason whatsoever. - I acknowledge that the Rolling River Ranch and Rescue may terminate this or any other foster care arrangement at any time in its sole discretion. - I further understand that the purpose of this foster relationship is solely to provide care for this animal(s). - I understand that any and all placements are at the discretion of the Rolling River Ranch and Rescue and that all placements will be made through the Rolling River Ranch and Rescue and are subject to the same guidelines as any other adoption(s). - I understand that I will be responsible for the daily care and feeding of the foster animal(s) and that the animals(s) will remain in my direct care for the duration of the foster placement. Should the animal(s) become ill, I will take contact the Rolling River Ranch and Rescue immediately. - I understand that the costs of veterinary care provided by any veterinary clinic other than the Rolling River Ranch and Rescue will not be paid for by the Rolling River Ranch and Rescue unless prior arrangements have been made. - I willingly understand that my current personal pets could be exposed to conditions that have not been recognized in the foster animal(s) referenced below and that I will not mix my current personal pet(s) with the foster animal(s) for at least 2 weeks. - I understand that medicines and other supplies provided by the Rolling River Ranch and Rescue are for use with foster care animals only, and are not to be administered to other animals. - I agree to provide to the appropriate staff members at the Rolling River Ranch and Rescue the necessary information and materials at any time (such as fecal sample or temperature/weight measurements) to enhance the care that I am providing to the foster animal(s). - I agree to bring the animal(s) in for booster vaccinations and preventative exams on or soon after the dates put forth by the Rescue, and by scheduling an appointment prior. - I agree to hold the Rolling River Ranch and Rescue harmless from any direct or consequential damages arising out of this foster care arrangement. - I understand and acknowledge that I do not have any right or authority to keep, adopt, transfer, or place foster animals in other homes or with other individuals unless first approved by the Rolling River Ranch and Rescue. - I understand that during hurricane season, I will be responsible for evacuating my foster animal(s) in addition to my personal pet and remaining in contact with the Rolling River Ranch and Rescue regarding my location. - I certify that no person residing in the household where the animals will be fostered has ever been charged with or convicted of animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment. - I hereby acknowledge that I have read, fully understand and fully agree to the above conditions, and that by typing my name below, I am signing this application electronically. I agree my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual signature on this application.
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Thank you again for your interest in working on our rescue team! Please check that the information in all fields is accurate and then click the button below.
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