Apply for EMAP 2020
EMAP 2020: Ewha Media Art Presentation
EMAP (Ewha Media Art Presentation) is an international video art festival founded in 2001 and the 10th EMAP will take place in May 2020. The competition invites everyone to show their own video works (a single channel media artwork) on our large-sized and open-air screens, at Ewha Woman's University campus garden in Seoul, Korea. Artists from all over the globe are welcome to participate and the entry is free.

Our society has changed its language as time has passed; from the language of text to the language of image. Human makes own gestures and dances to express emotion, and also makes own sound and music to express sensitivity. Even if we own different nationalities or languages, and in case we encounter other species, the very first communication is through our body movement and sound. The theme of our media art competition starts from here; possibility of communication through movement and sound. We will focus on the origin of language - body movement and sound for emotion and sensitivity - on our theme “Body and sound language in the era of empathy-loss”.

• Art: Video works, media performances, etc. (shorter than 40 minutes)
• Animation: Animated feature films, animated short films, animated series, etc.

• Submit one (1) artwork per artist or a team
• Theme: Sympathy and Communication in the Age of Division (Sound and Movement for Sympathy)
• Year of production: works produced after the 1st of January 2019
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