FNA Project Manager Application
The Folwell Neighborhood Association (FNA) is seeking a part-time independent contractor to manage the various projects led by the FNA staff, contract workers, board members, and residents. The Project Manager will report directly to the FNA Board Chair. The FNA is a non-profit, managed by a board of directors and works for the benefit and betterment of the Folwell neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN. The FNA’s hiring values include equality, community representation, and local hiring within our community, but does not disqualify candidates on these principles.

Job Expectations:

* Work weekly with Communication and Outreach staff member to define and develop neighborhood projects
* Coordinate projects with the FNA Board Chair on a monthly basis
* Collect data and provide monthly project reports to the board
* Communicate project plans to board, staff, and community
* Follow up with project leads (Connectors, Committee Chairs, or residents) in advancing tasks and completing projects, assisting as necessary
* Manage project tasks by holding project leads accountable to time tables and responsibilities and report back to Board Chair.
* Create a cohesive yearly project plan
* Work with Communication and Outreach staff and Board Chair to create a long-term program plan
* Conduct weekly Connector meeting
* Facilitate monthly Neighborhood Night
* Must provide own computer
* Phone to be provided by the FNA
* Must be available during evenings and weekends, or when it works to connect with community.

Hours and Benefits:

* Total Hours: 25 hours per week/100 per month
* Pay: $25 per hour/$2500 per month
* Vacation time not included / Benefits not included
* Contract from Nov. 2019 - Dec. 2020
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Thank you! We will be reviewing applications over the next two weeks and getting back to people promptly.
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