Clackamas Community College Chromebook Application 2020-2021
This program provides a Chromebook for current students to do school work. Due to limited supply, there may not be a Chromebook for everyone who applies. After completing this application, you will receive an e-mail regarding your application and next steps.

If you are taking the following courses, a Chromebook may not work for you. In that case, please e-mail with a copy of your schedule.

BA courses for which you need specific MS Office Technology (BA-131, BA-205, BA-101, BA-228)
Any BT course
Any CS course

You will need to have a Google account to use a Chromebook. The license for the device is included at no cost.

By submitting this form, you agree to the following:

o I do not have consistent access to a computer to complete online coursework.
o I accept full responsibility for the Chromebook loaned to me by Clackamas Community College, and I will return it, together with all its accessories, to the Associated Student Government (ASG) office by the Friday of Finals Week for the term of check-out (Winter Term Due Date is March 19, 2021).
o I understand that I will be charged a $20 fee for equipment returned in original condition after the due date
o I accept full responsibility for repair or replacement costs if the device is damaged beyond normal wear and tear or lost before I return it to Clackamas Community College. The replacement cost $324.
o I understand that Clackamas Community College may put a hold on my records including, but not limited to, the release of transcripts, in the event that I do not return the computer as agreed or reimburse the College for the cost of replacement or repair for which I am responsible.
o I agree that Clackamas Community College may pursue the recovery of any unpaid fees or costs associated with this agreement through a third party collection agency. If this becomes necessary, collection fees of up to 25% will be added on top of the replacement cost/fees.
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