UK Diabetes Specialist Trainee Registrars Well Being Survey
It is about TIME we assess the work place well-being for the trainee registrars in our wonderful specialty i.e. Diabetes & Endocrinology. It is something that was only done once before, in 2018, in our specialty (American physicians do it on a yearly basis per specialty) and this is now a repeat survey in 2022 to see if there has been any change. It is important to identify burnout and it may also help identify stressors faced by our StR. This survey is completely anonymous and it may have a significant impact on identifying work related well-being/burnout.  

Thanking you in anticipation (please direct any queries to myself at This work has been done previously in 2018 (link is pasted below)

Hopefully, this independent survey will help us identify concerns and status of work-related well-being in Diabetes and Endocrine StRs across UK and assess any change since 2018, so please take 10-15 minutes to fill this survey.

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You have been invited to take part in a study to assess work related well being in Diabetes Specialist Registrars in UK.  The purpose of this study is to see the presence of burnout and to identify any stressors that may be associated. As mental health conditions requiring active treatment e.g. depression can interfere with burnout interpretation you are requested to kindly not fill this survey if you are currently receiving any form of therapy from mental health professionals.
Benefit of this survey:
Although you will receive no direct benefits from this study this research will help identify burnout and help to identify stressors which may affect performance and health of specialist registrars.  These questionnaires are based upon well-established clinical evidence to identify any burnout syndrome.

The survey will take place via this single online form and the participation in this study will take 15 minutes only for filling up this questionnaire. If you agree to proceed, please scroll down and fill it in one go to avoid accidental duplication.  

Safety Information:
There is a very low possibility that you may experience some emotional distress as the survey reflect on in personal /work-life challenges and may you choose to not to complete the survey.  You will be made aware of available mental health services in your trust. The researcher will also be available at to offer any advice or assistance, if required.

Confidentiality and Privacy Information
The researcher will not be able identify the person completing the responses to the questionnaires.  The privacy will be protected as no personal identifiable information will be shared.  Only age range, sex, deanery region related grouped information will be used. If a deanery has less than 3 participants then that deanery data will be excluded to ensure that participants are not identifiable.

Right to Withdraw
You may refuse to participate at any time during the filling of this form. But please note that the researcher has to pay £2 per form as license fee (once you start filling) so it is humbly requested that you complete the form once initiated.

Please scroll down and start filling the form, once you have read all of the above and you are in agreement to participate in this survey.

Your current deanery: *
Please select from following what best describes your current clinical post: *
Are you working full-time *
Age ( in years) *
Sex *
Ethnicity (please select prefer not to say if you do not want to give any information; select other if you want to add more information) *
How many young kids  or other family members do you have at home to look after / care for *
How many months in total of REDUCED GIM ward commitments (beds) or Acute medical/GIM oncall commitments do you or any of your StR colleagues actually get in your deanery during your regular training programme as dual CCT accreditation for GIM/Diabetes & Endocrinology (just to concentrate on your sub-specialty/super-specialty  i.e. Diabetes & Endocrinology; clinical or research). *
How many months in total of reduced GIM ward (beds) or Acute medical/GIM oncall commitments do you ACTUALLY FEEL OR THINK THAT YOU SHOULD GET from your deanery during your regular training programme as dual CCT accreditation for GIM/Diabetes & Endocrinology (just to concentrate on your sub-specialty/super-specialty  i.e. Diabetes & Endocrinology; clinical or research) *
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