no. NOT EVER: Countering White Nationalism in Libraries Workshop Registration
Sunday, January 27, 1:00-3:00 p.m. Seattle Public Library, Central Library.

Presented by If You Don't They Will

This workshop provides a critical framework for understanding the rise of the white nationalist social movement in the current moment. Participants will unpack commonly held myths about white nationalism, while learning about the history of the movement and its current efforts to mainstream and organize in public spaces. Grounded in an understanding of the importance of cultural organizing, the workshop will explore how white nationalists have engaged culture, and participants will develop their own antiracist organizing practices to enact at their home institutions.

The workshop is designed for public, private, school or college library staff who are committed to racial justice and to developing on-the-ground creative organizing strategies to counter white nationalist assaults in library spaces.

This workshop is convened by Seattle CritLib and co-sponsored by the Progressive Librarians Guild in response to recent incidents of white nationalist organizing, intimidation, and violence, and the library profession's struggle to respond. Seattle CritLib is currently a predominantly white group and the workshop presenters are white. We believe that it's the responsibility of white folks to organize against white supremacy and white nationalism in alliance with people of color within the greater context of racial justice activism. This workshop will deal with and discuss examples of white nationalist violence.

About the Presenters

Kate Boyd and Cristien Storm are co-founders of If You Don't They Will, a longtime Seattle-based collaboration that provides creative and concrete tools for countering white nationalism through a cultural lens. This includes creating spaces to generate visions, hopes, desires, and dreams for the kinds of worlds we want to live in.

For questions, please contact seattlecritlib[at]

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Registration is limited for this workshop. We will be reserving several spots outside of first-come first-serve registration. If you are a person who has directly been targeted by white nationalists, work in a space where white nationalists have been organizing, or have other reasons for priority attendance, please note that here.
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