Extending Medicaid (Apple Health) to one year postpartum
Some individuals only have access to Medicaid (Apple Health) during their pregnancy and for 60 days postpartum. Help us advocate for legislation to extend Medicaid (Apple Health) coverage to one year following pregnancy!

A repository of patient and provider stories would help us to coordinate testimony efficiently, while also allowing us to mention stories in individual meetings with legislators and other stakeholders. We will only share these stories without personal identifiers.

Please fill out this form if you have been on Medicaid (Apple Health) and lost coverage at 60 days postpartum. If you are a provider, please share your experience of watching patients lose Medicaid (Apple Health) coverage at 60 days postpartum. (Providers, please answer No to the first question!)

Do you have questions? Email mollybfirth@gmail.com.
Have you lost Medicaid (Apple Health) coverage at 60 days postpartum? *
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