U.S. Flag retirement & disposal / recycling program survey
Like printer cartridge recycling programs that give you an opportunity to mail-in your used printer cartridges for recycling, Flag Steward is developing a mail-in disposal / recycling program for U.S. Flags.
As most of you probably know, the EPA and most state / local laws prohibit flag-burning ceremonies for today's predominantly nylon-made U.S. Flags.  So, you, like me at Flag Steward's HQ, have a build-up of U.S. Flags that need a ceremonial disposal.  ;)

Flag Steward proposes to do the following for US Flag owners:
   -Every 1 - 3 months, conduct, film, and post for all to witness a US Flag retirement ceremony that will give the Flags the honorable disposal required by the US Flag Code (burning cotton made Flags and recycling the others made of nylon and polyester with a local recycling partner here in Denver, CO)
   -To participate, Flag owners will request a Flag disposal mailer from Flag Steward
   -Flag Steward will mail a pre-postaged return polybag mailer for the owner to put the Flag in
   -In return for this service and its cost (shipping), Flag Steward will ask for a $10 donation for 3x5 Flags and a $15 donation for 4x6 Flags

Please, take the very, short survey below so we can see if there's enough interest in Flag Steward's U.S. Flag disposal / recycling program.
E pluribus unum,
  -Sean Sweeney (Founder, Flag Steward)
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Would you participate in Flag Steward's proposed US Flag disposal / recycling program? *
What material(s) is your US Flag(s) made of? *
What is the size(s) of the US Flag(s) you fly?
If the Flag Steward nonprofit were start selling US Flags and offer a special "Buy New, Retire Old" US Flag packaging that included a pre-paid postage mailer bag to send your old US Flag to Flag Steward for proper retirement (disposal/recycling), would you buy it?  
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A fellow Flag Steward asked me, Sean Sweeney - Founder of Flag Steward, to write a letter to give to Flag owners who have ragged old US Flags that need to be retired (disposed).  Would you like to get and give such letters to such Flag owners?
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