Hatikvah International Academy Charter School Application Form for 2021-2022
You are about to take the first step in ensuring a high-quality education for your child in a warm and friendly environment. You will be notified, by the email address that you provide, of the date, time and place of the lottery. Students who are not selected in the initial lottery for an open kindergarten seat or for open seats in higher grades will be placed on a waiting list.

Students on the waiting list are enrolled throughout the year as places become available.

Please note: Boxes in the form expand as words are added. The submission deadline for this application is March 18, 2021. The lottery will be held on March 22, 2021 at 4:00 PM.

If you are applying to have your child's name put on the waiting list for 2020-2021 school year, in addition to the lottery in March of 2021 (for school year beginning in September 2021), please complete this form and then send an email to Stacey Inguardi to let her know to add your child's name to this year's waiting list. singuardi@hiacs.org

Need help with this? Call Jurgita at 732-254-8300.
Last name of student *
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Other children in household: Please write the names of each child living at home; the child's birth date; grade in September 2021, and yes or no to indicate whether or not the child is also applying to HIACS. Example: John Doe, 8/12/2003, 4th grade, No, not applying to HIACS. Note that we are asking for the grades of each child in September of 2021. *
Which grade will your child be entering in September 2021? Remember, we are asking about 9/2021---if you answer for a different month or year, your application will be invalid and discarded. Also, Hatikvah's cut-off for kindergarten is age 5 by 10/31/21. If your resident district's cut-off is earlier than this, you will not be able to enroll this child at Hatikvah until the following school year. If you apply and your district has an earlier cut-off than Hatikvah's, your application will be discarded as invalid. *
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