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第一部 貴校的電子教學情況
Part 1 E-learning Progress of your school / organization
1) 貴校在哪一年開展教育局的電子學習學校支援計劃 (Wifi 100 / Wifi 900) ?
When did your school start "Wifi 100 / Wifi 900" ?
2) 貴校有哪些科目正在或預定推行電子教學?
What subjects are using for promoting e-learning in your school?
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3a)貴校正在或預定推行電子教學是採用以下哪一種方式? (可多於一項)
What kind of methods are your school using to promote e-learning? (can choose more than 1)
3b) 基於3a的答案,請補充例子
Base on your answers in 3a, please provide examples
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4)貴校是否有校本教材? 如有,請例出科目。
Does your school using any school-based teaching materials? If yes, please write down the subjects.
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5)貴校有沒有正在使用電子教科書? 如有,請例出科目。
Does your school using any e-textbook? If yes, please write down the subjects.
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What device is your school using? (can choose more than 1)
6b) 承上題,請註明約有幾部平板電腦?
Refer to above, how many tablets your school have?
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7)貴校會否打算轉用BYOD (學生自帶機)?
Will your school consider BYOD? (Being your own device)
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