1st Grade Program- Jumanji
October 26, 2017
6:00 PM
DCC Cafetorim
A dress rehearsal will also be performed during the day as well. Time will be announced in advance.

Hello DCC parents and families!
First grade classes have begun working on their program for this year. We'll be using first grade music standards and the IB Unit on teamwork to create our own musical adaption of the children's book, Jumanji. It follows a similar story to the movie, but is totally appropriate for kids.

The intent of this form is to gather information about your child as well as your interest in participating in this show. I will use this information to make sure I'm not scheduling a kid to sing a solo or present a speaking part if they won't actually be able to attend both the daytime and evening performance.

This show could look amazing with some stage decorations. I'd love some artistic volunteers!

We will also need quite a few old kitchen items to create a "Monkey kitchen band." Please search through basements and attics and find any old pots, pans, bowls, mixers, spoons, cups, and plates that you can part with. They'll be getting banged on, so please don't give us anything that will shatter. They really don't have to be pretty!

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