2019 Summer Training - General Questionnaire
This questionnaire is to be completed by all candidates who have applied to a summer course that is NOT an NSTC or Staff Cadet position. Please complete this questionnaire to the best of your abilities.

The exact dates of the course will not listed until you get an Offer of Participation. If you have concerns, complete the "Comments" section at the end of this questionnaire.

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Current Proficiency Level *
Fortress Application Details
The following questions need to be answered in order to complete your Fortress application. Please make sure you are reading the questions and answering to the best of your knowledge.
Availability *
"Is the cadet available for the entire duration of the requested courses, positions or activities?"
Flexibility *
"Would the cadet like to be considered for other courses, positions or activities?" If you do not care which intake to attend, please select "YES".
Citizen *
"Is the cadet a Canadian citizen?"
Significant Achievements
Please provide with significant achievements and other required/relevant information to supplement your application. With the exception of summer training awards and qualifications, you should include cadet awards and achievements.
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Music Course Additional Information
This section is to be completed by all cadets that have selected a music course as one of their selections. Completing this can increase your chance on getting into the course of your choice.
Which instrument do you wish to receive training
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List all the school music programs you are a part of.
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List all instruments you take private lessons on, and how long you have taken private lessons.
example: piano (10 years), violin (3 months)
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List all other instruments you can play, and how long you have been playing.
example: guitar (1 year), clarinet (2.5 years)
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Any remarks you would like to make.
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