Equity Conference 2022: Call for Presenters
Thank you for your interest in presenting at San Diego County Office of Education's Equity Conference 2022! Our planning committee must review proposals to choose sessions that are most closely aligned with the conference goals and look forward to learning alongside you in January. Please submit this form by October 22, 2021.
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Criteria 1: PROBLEM, NEED, AND SIGNIFICANCE. The problem and need(s) are clearly stated, along with the significance/purpose of the session. The information provided includes a direct connection to equitable practices, conference strands, and focus areas. What is the problem and need being addressed? Why is this session significant to the breakout session strand and focus area chosen? (150 words or less) *
Criteria 2: FRAMEWORK/RESEARCH. The foundational framework or research that the session is grounded in is cited and relevant to the topic and subject matter. What is the foundational framework and/or research connected to the session? How is this related to the breakout session strand and focus area chosen? (150 words or less) *
Criteria 3: QUESTIONS AND CONTENT. A detailed and coherent description of the session is included. The practice(s) that will be introduced is (are) clearly stated, along with the questions that will be answered in the session. What practice(s) will be introduced connected to the strand and sub-strand? What questions will be answered? (150 words or less) *
Criteria 4: LEARNING OBJECTIVES. Three learning objectives are clearly articulated. What are the three learning objectives for this session? *
Criteria 5: DESIGN. A clear vision for the session design is provided, as well as methods to encourage full and equitable participation of attendees. The description of the format, style, and interactive presentation invites an innovative, intellectually stimulating, and participative experience for both presenters and attendees. In what ways will the design of the session engage participants? (150 words or less) *
Criteria 6: RESULTS, FINDINGS, AND OUTCOMES. Clear descriptions of outcomes if the practice is implemented as described are provided, with accompanying rationale, and metrics where appropriate. What will change for participants and students when these practices are done well? (150 words or less) *
Criteria 7: IMPLICATIONS. Implications for future practice, theory, and/or research are included. What are the implications for educators (or mental health providers, parents, community partners)? (150 words or less) *
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