GCQ - A 5 minute Questionnaire for the Senior Pastor
This confidential and anonymous questionnaire is designed to explore the connectedness of local churches to the Global Church. The information you provide will be a helpful diagnostic for Dr. Phil Brassfield and Destiny Leaders to understand its network's connectedness to the Global Body of Christ.

This study is being conducted through Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary by Pastor David John Philips for the completion of his doctoral research. Please be assured that all of your answers will be kept strictly confidential. The information that you provide will be presented only in summary form, in combination with the responses of other participants in this study. The answers that you give will never be linked with your name or church. By completing this questionnaire, you have given your consent that you are a voluntary participant in this study.

Thank you for participating.
Are you the Senior Pastor of your church? *
I believe every local church should be a globally connected church. *
I think my church is a globally connected church. (1 = not globally connected, 10 = Very Globally Connected) *
How many individuals and/or small groups within your church are you personally meeting with at least monthly for the purpose of intentional discipleship? *
What percentage of your family's income is given as tithes and offerings? *
How many meaningful friendships do you have with pastors of other churches? *
What percentage of your church's budget is given to other ministries and churches? (This includes church plants, denominational boards, and oversight ministries. This does not include multisite campuses nor outreach ministries run by your church) *
How many mission trips do you, as the senior pastor, go on per year? – mission trip = a trip to another culture for the purpose of ministry. *
How many mission trips does your church go on per year? mission trip = a trip to another culture for the purpose of ministry. This can include the trip that you as senior pastor goes on if at least 1 non-family member from the church joins you. *
How many friendships do you personally have with pastors and leaders from other nations? (friendship here implies a two-way relationship; you give out and receive from them in some way. For instance: you financially support a pastor in China, and you personally learn from him and his ministry in ways that informs your ministry) *
How many other churches and/or other ministries does your church invest in financially each month? – this includes individual churches overseas and church plants. (this does not include campuses of a multi-site church, nor does it include a denominational fund) *
How many other churches is your church relationally invested in? – your church knows the other church and your church gives knowledge, volunteers, and/or leaders for the purpose of helping their church to get better. (This includes domestically and internationally. This does not include campuses of a multi-site church) *
How many people from other churches or ministries do you bring in to preach at your church each year? *
How many people attend your church? *
I would like my church to become a more globally connected church. *
I need resources to help me learn to become a more globally connected church. *
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