LIFT Local social media campaigns
We're the "Best Social Media Organization" in the region (2016 and 2017 Comox Valley Record Readers' Choice) and (Best in BC, Entrepreneur Promotion (Startup Canada Awards, Vancouver, May 2018) for a reason: we make social media easy for our members throughout the year. Our #LIFTVIP promotions put the face of your business on social media, generating priceless attention from future customers and clients.

The value of this social media promotion is $1200/annually.

But it's free to you as part of your LIFT membership.

The only cost for you to participate are the gift cards we use to fuel the campaigns.
• To get started: Provide LIFT with 24x gift cards (value: $20-100).
• LIFT will run the contests and promotions.
• LIFT will promote your business via social media posts and advertising.
• Your business will get invaluable 3rd-party content without you even having to be active on social media.
• YOUR JOB: leverage this 3rd-party content to get even more impact (eg. Comment, like, share, re-post content). If you don't know how to leverage this - the most valuable kind of social media content - make a time to meet with LIFT staff and we'll show you the way.)

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