🇲🇦Morocco, Arabic Study Abroad Program with Arabic Khatawaat, 2024🇲🇦
Arabic Summer Study Abroad Program in Morocco
Linguistic & Cultural Immersion Program
📍 Location: Marrakech, Morocco
📅 Program Dates: July 5th-16th
✈️ Arrival Date: July 4th-July 5th
✈️ Departure Date: July 16th-17th

We are thrilled to embark on a transformative journey through Arabic Khatawaat Linguistic & Cultural Immersion Program in Morocco 2024.
We will have the opportunity to take daily Arabic classes IN PERSON in a dynamic and engaging learning atmosphere provided by our hosting institutions and community in the heart of Marrakech and the capital city of Morocco, Rabat.
We will engage in conversational Moroccan dialect with locals to explore the distinctive linguistic diversity of the Arab world. This program will provide students with a unique and enriching experience, allowing them to interact with local communities, explore historical sites, learn Arabic calligraphy, take cooking classes and develop their language skills in a supportive and immersive environment.
This program is tailored for adult learners seeking an educational and reflective linguistic and cultural experience.
📝 Participation Requirements:
Adult Learners: This program is directed towards Non-native speakers of Arabic, the journey requires commitment, and a courage to embark on a transformative learning experience in a new environment, participants have to be aware of the following learning expectations:
Language Assessment: Participants are required to undergo a language assessment to tailor instruction to their proficiency level.
Orientation Session: Attend an orientation session to familiarize yourself with the program structure and cultural expectations.
Language Usage استعمال اللغة : Make an effort to communicate in Arabic (Program is open to all levels) , using FusHa, both inside and outside the classroom, in order to practice and improve language skills.
Cultural Sensitivity احترام الثقافة : Show sensitivity and respect towards the customs, traditions, and cultural norms of the host country.
Cultural awareness/Open-mindedness الانفتاح الثقافي : Some of us will engage with a culture different than our own. Try to approach the study abroad experience with an open mind, intellectual courage and humility, a desire to learn, and a positive attitude towards new experiences, challenges, and cultural differences. Certain interactions will require more time to comprehend its potential added value to your lives.

📚 Program Highlights: This is an educational program, students will be encouraged to utilize the local dialect and FusHa to interact with the hosting communities and institutes.
📖Cohort Size: 6-10 participants only
🎓Age group: Adult Learners 🎓Tuition: $3,500
📌 Students are responsible for booking their round-trip flights from their home residency to Marrakech International Airport, Morocco. See program dates above.
📌     This is a family-oriented program. If you wish to have a family member join, please let us know to arrange additional accommodations.

We look forward to embarking on this cultural journey together with Arabic Khatawaat Team and Ustaatha Raja.
Program Includes:
✅ Pre - Departure Online Arabic Classes
✅ On-Site Daily Arabic Classes & Study Sessions
✅ Accommodation, Daily Breakfast, & Scheduled Group Meals
✅ Transportation excluding airfares Airport Transportation, Travel to Program Sites
✅ Historical Tours/Guided cultural visits
✅ Immersive Cultural Workshops & Events
✅ Course/Class Materials
✅ Marrakech and additional nearby cities & sites

We look forward to having you join our learning community and connect with Moroccan culture, don't miss this opportunity to broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding of the Arab world and Moroccan culture.
For further inquiries, please contact us at info@arabickhatawaat.com 

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