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We are excited to launch a week-long online hackathon on the week of April 10th - 17th that anyone across the world can participate remotely in.
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List your interests / skills, and we will align you in a channel with students who have the same interests when team forming.
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We will be using Discord for communication throughout the hackathon. We need your username now so that we can start creating channels based on the interests you have listed above.
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You can participate individually or with a team. There is no need to decide now, but if you already have decided that you will work on a team and know which people will be on your team, they need to also register using this form to participate. There will also be a time dedicated to team forming during the hackathon, if you want to do so.
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Whatever you are most interested in, we will try our best to bring to the online hackathon.
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