The Youth Empowerment Summit (YES), Gay-Straight Alliance Network's annual conference, will be held December 15, 2012 at Mission High School in San Francisco. YES is a conference for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, and straight ally youth dedicated to fostering safe schools and youth activism. We are expecting 500+ attendees and are looking for people who can present workshops on relevant youth topics at the conference.

***** If you are interested in leading a workshop, please submit this form NO LATER THAN November 9, 2012 *****

Conference Goals:

To give Northern California students, LGBTQQI and straight, the necessary knowledge to form and maintain GSAs and foster a safe school environment.

To provide a safe space in which the multiple oppressions faced by youth can be addressed, including: racism, sexism, ageism, heterosexism, transphobia, ableism, classism, and the marginalization of school-aged young people, in general.

To place emphasis on Northern California youth's needs and to support their personal goals and self- esteem.

To empower youth through community building and networking.

To help teachers become advocates and form partnerships with LGBTQQI youth, and to educate teachers and advocates about relevant youth issues.

To make friends, get resources, encourage youth activism, and have fun!

About the workshops:
Workshops are divided into two tracks: Youth and Adult. The Youth Track is further divided into two sections. The Introductory Level section is for folks just getting started with youth activism and the Experienced LEVEL section is for seasoned organizers. Please remember to select the track and section that would best suit your workshop.

Your workshop should accommodate 30 people. It should be interactive, youth friendly, and last for approximately 75 minutes including a 5 minute evaluation period at the end. Young people are encouraged to run workshops. Adults who would like to lead workshops should try to find a youth co-facilitator. Adults are welcome to lead workshops in the Adult Track.

There are three workshop sessions: an Anti-Oppression session focusing on education about racism, classism, transphobia, and other intersecting oppressions, a Skill Building session with "how-to" workshops for student organizers, and an "elective" Social & Cultural Topics session that may cover topics such as health and the arts.

Areas of focus are:
-Gay-Straight Alliances
-Coming Out/Personal Growth
-Health Topics
-Race, Class, and Ability;
-Art/Expression & Media
-Gender, Trans Issues
-Teacher/Advisor Topics
-Youth Empowerment and Activism
-LGBTQQI History
-Straight Allies

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