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*PLEASE NOTE: We currently have a full roster of mentees for this year's program. The program is first come, first served. If you would like to be added to the waitlist in case of someone dropping out or to be considered for future rounds, please go ahead and fill out the form.*

This round of mentoring will begin April 5, 2021 and end July 26, 2021.

The program will be mentee-driven, with Britt checking in occasionally to ensure progression. This means as a mentee you must be responsible for driving the relationship and extremely proactive. If you do not feel confident you will be able to balance this responsibility at this time, please consider applying for a later round.

Mentoring will involve at least 4 one-to-one meetings with your mentor (approximately one per month) and may include giving advice, seeing/discussing a production or reading, shadowing a mentor, etc - completely dependent on you and your mentor's preferences and ability. Because of the continued state of the pandemic, these meetings will be virtual. Time allowing, each mentee will have a short one on one phone call with Britt to discuss their interests and goals before being matched with a mentor.

Please email Britt Willis at if you have any questions.
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