The Philadelphia Public Relations Association Mentorship Program
Overview: The Philadelphia Public Relations Association Mentorship Program is designed to connect members in a more formal way in an effort to enhance value for our members regardless of their experience and length of service in the industry, and serve as a benefit to the organization overall.

Categories: There are two aspects of the PPRA Mentorship Program:
• Service Mentorship– this is intended to link members who have less than 10 years of service in the public relations/communications field with those who have 10 or more years of service.

• Industry-specific Mentorship– this is intended to connect members from different areas of the public relations/communications industry with each other regardless of years of service. For example, a colleague who works in the utility industry and who is interested in learning more about another industry – financial services, hospitality, life sciences, agency life, etc. – can be connected with a colleague who has experience in one of those specific areas.

Commitment: While each mentoring relationship is expected to be customized to meet the needs of the mentor and mentee, the expectation is for the mentor to meet in person with their mentee at least four times annually and to be available via phone and or email as needed.

Next Steps: Complete the information below and return to the PPRA office. Depending on your area of interest, you’ll be connected with a PPRA member who matches the criteria you provide.

If you have any questions, suggestions or need additional information, please contact the PPRA at
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