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The League is a player run league with skill based divisions. Expect to play ~40 18-hole Head to Head matches across a month-long season. Most players have clubs at the Vulture level or higher and use premium equipment during League matches.
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By joining The League, I agree to complete my full schedule of games (double round robin over 4-5 weeks for a total of approximately 40 18-hole matches). Any failure to complete the full schedule of games will be subject to immediate removal beyond an initial grace period and result in losing the ability to join The League in the following season and there will be no refunds. Scheduling conflicts can be addressed on a case by case basis through communication with league leadership. All promotions / relegations are subject to change due to number of players joining the next season, average scores, etc. The number one priority is to create a fair and equitable playing field for all participants. I acknowledge by joining The League, I will be required to join The League Discord or Facebook Messenger group to keep up to date with announcements and changes.
Entry Fee *
Along with submission of this form, please send your entry fee to Tony Johnson, The League Treasurer via Paypal ( or Venmo (@anthony-johnson-937). Send us a Facebook Message if you have any questions or issues. Please check the box for the amount you submitted for your entry fee.
GTM Player ID *
Go to your profile page in-game, click friends and you will have a 10 character GT ID. This is how we will link each player to their scores.
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Your current username in GT Mobile
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For venmo it's your "@" id, for Paypal it's either a username or email address, etc.
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By clicking yes below I affirm that I will play all matches fairly and honestly and will not use any third party tools (virtual tools or physical tools) or assistance to complete the matches. I will not practice while in the middle of a 9 hole league match. I will not use a screen line while I play a league match whether it be app/os enabled on my screen or a physical modification to my device. I will not use any assistance device/technology that increases my ability to swipe straight in a league match. This is a voluntary consent and on your honor.
We occasionally host live events and this information helps us know where our players are located. This is 100% optional.
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